Adult hands shrinking in size

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Adult hands shrinking in size

Postby SkyLightsFactor on June 23rd, 2019, 2:53 am 

An adult person's hands and wrists shrinking in size so as to look like a young teenager's anatomy - although occasionally increasing somewhat ("fluctuating") in size (so as to look simply "smallish" rather than grotesque-small).
This has been recently observed, while Internet browsing has not readily yielded a strong reference that would appear to be a match.

There is a strong suspicion of an (objectively) sinister activity having been taking place, although additional information can not be provided here at this time. It may be stated, though, that the principle suspected agent is a series of specialty (rogue) nutrition products; likely (covertly) administered to person/s, in a consistent fashion.

I am hoping a qualified expert can describe a biological process that may be responsible; as, for example, a "severe calcium loss" would seem to be associated with simple thinness (without digits shortening), so would not seem to be an adequate explanation. Likewise, "suppression of Vitamin D levels" by an unknown substance
would require a rather rigorous examination (not an easy/automatic "this must be it")
It is relevant to mention that neither the person's parents nor his grandparents exhibit abnormally small hands (as per basic familiarity along with available photographs); it is not possible to ascertain, though, if going more distantly into descent lines.
Overall, the person may be said to be in satisfactory health, not diagnosed with any medical condition. Tall stature, normal body weight if using common standards.
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Re: Adult hands shrinking in size

Postby TheVat on June 23rd, 2019, 8:59 am 

Pull the other one, bro.
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