Golden Eagle Sky Dancing

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Golden Eagle Sky Dancing

Postby zetreque on March 18th, 2016, 7:58 pm 

I have been reading up on biomimicry lately. What an exciting field of study. I was just watching this eagle playing in the air in this video and wondering if by tucking his wings he is reducing drag at certain parts of his flight which allows him to gain speed and height. He sure is covering a lot of vertical without flapping at all (no energy expenditure). Reading up on ecology at the same time really makes one appreciate how efficient and amazing nature is. Biomimicry is a field of study that sure lets you imagine a wonderful future of amazing technologies fitting into a paradise if we use nature to guide us rather than fighting it every step of the way.

Bio-mimicry concepts cover a broad range of science categories. Sometimes it's hard to know what one to list it under.
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