Climate Proxy Sources (Wine and Victorian Eggs)

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Climate Proxy Sources (Wine and Victorian Eggs)

Postby zetreque on March 26th, 2016, 9:58 pm 

Recently research was published showing that we could get a great proxy of climate change going back to 1300 based on wine harvest dates. Meticulous records of wine harvests along with grapes being sensitive to climate have gave us another great piece of evidence to stack over all the rest.

I was just reading this article
The Lost Victorian Art of Egg Collecting-Kate Golembiewski Mar 25, 2016

It got me to thinking if something similar could be done with our archive of eggs. Sea birds eat marine life, and CO2 is greatly affecting marine life. Marine life has calcium and calcium is used in the production of bird eggs. There are a lot of solid relationships here that might yield some cool results. I know that these bird egg collectors probably don't want us damaging their eggs so perhaps just a scan can be done to determine the shell thicknesses. I guess I can put this at the very bottom of my todo list to look into. :)
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