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David Attenborough - Richard Dawkins - Richard Leakey - Jane

Postby BadgerJelly on January 20th, 2018, 2:29 am 

THE SELFISH GREEN (from 2014, but nevertheless an extremely passionate and intelligent exchange - wish it was longer!)

Surprised I've never seen this discussion before! WARNING! 1hour long.


There are the usual theme that stuck out in here. Two things struck me more than anything.

1) The idea of helping ourselves first - eradicating poverty, with a knock-on effect of education of women and sustainable population growth.

2) Facing up to inevitable loss and monetizing ecosystems.

One thing I do not readily hold to is the idea of espousing an optimistic view of the future (even though I DO have an optimistic view.) This is because I think the brutal force of destruction over the immediate horizon is more likely to encourage people to act, rather than roll over and die.

Another thing also stuck in my mind over this talk (in light of Dawkins.) If there is a driving global force for change then a religious one may well be the way to spread it. This is something I cannot quite put into words properly. There is something of a Nietzsche in my thoughts here combined with Jung. By this I mean if ignorance cannot be reduced quickly enough or effectively enough why not play along with it? Could such a thing be the reason for more recent political upheavals and more tangible social polarization?

Like Dawkins sums up at the end, I do take his outlook. I am constantly veering wildly between pessimism and optimism; for once I think I can agree with Dawkins and put great praise into that comment. We should feel torn between our attitudes and act as resolutely as we can with the foul stench of pessimism at our backs and the enticing scent of optimism ahead - let the stench drive us on more than any rosy view of the future.
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