Floating Cities

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Floating Cities

Postby BadgerJelly on July 9th, 2019, 1:01 am 

This is a tedtalk, but don’t switch off just yet!

A really nice positive way to look at future habitation whilst creating places of beauty that are functional and sustainable.

Bjarke Ingels talk:

Lemonade out of lemons?

I like his attitude toward these projects. What is most telling is that the projects work based on functionality without disregarding the aesthetics and the people who will occupy the area. Kind of reminds me of Christopher Alexander’s philosophy for architecture.

My question is do you think that combining ‘art’ with more environmentally sustainable residences is a possible means to push back against function over aesthetics and give more momentum to creating better environments across the globe?

Note: This may be better suited to social sciences and/or art, but my interest was in how this projects can inspire and promote - economically and publicly - more reason to side with more environmentally based positions (let’s face it, if people can be convinced that ‘beauty’ does create wealth why not combat climate issues with ‘art’?)
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