D-Limonene in water Emulsion?

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D-Limonene in water Emulsion?

Postby CleanerEarth on December 13th, 2018, 2:20 am 

Hi, thank you for your time. I am new here. For the past month I have been tirelessly aiming to create a D-limonene in water emulsion. The surfactant needs to be organic in nature as I am making an "Organic Terpene Based" cleaner for my class project. I have tried numerous surfactants with no luck.

Limonene is nonpolar meaning I would need an organic surfactant that will emusify polar water with non polar limonene correct?? Will coco fatty acids achieve this? An ideal emulsion would be 1/3 Water, 1/3 Part D-Limonene, and 1/3 Part emulsifier. Is this possible? I would like to remain natural as well. Thank you so very much.

Re: D-Limonene in water Emulsion?

Postby zetreque on December 13th, 2018, 3:03 am 


I might be working with terpenes next year. Unfortunately I don't yet have the knowledge to be able to help you out with your question.

Maybe you could look up insects and microbes. See if anyone has done any research on how they neutralize terpenes when attacking plants. Maybe you can use nature to inspire a surfactant. Maybe plants have a natural substance to mobilize terpenes to flow through them.
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Re: D-Limonene in water Emulsion?

Postby CleanerEarth on December 14th, 2018, 4:13 am 

Wow thank you very much I had not thought of that! I like your approach.

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