Drinking water infused with hho

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Drinking water infused with hho

Postby Mekad on June 24th, 2019, 6:57 am 

HI Everyone,

Im new to this forum, id like to ask some questions about a topic which is rarely discussed on the internet. I bought a product of the internet from Mr Tom Lang who is well known in the hho circle

Apparently drinking water that has been bubbled with HHo gas is supposed to have many health benefits. So iv been trying it now for 3 months. It has definately made me feel more energetic, less tired etc.

The design of the cell is basic, made from a glass jar and plastic lid, plates are circular in diameter stainless steel grade 316.with about half an inch of space between them

Iv been using mineral water that does not contain chlorine in it, the minerals in the water are calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, bicarbonates, nitrates and sulphates with a ph of 7.8.

The minerals on there own produced gases with out the need for a catalyst.
A brown scum is left

Up unit recently i decided to add bicarbonate of soda, gas productivity increased, no brown scum. i charged the water (gases pumped into separate jar containing fresh mineral water) for about 2 hours as normal, except when i drank it got a headache and stomache ache and a slightly chalky taste?

Ok so firstly what is the brown scum, i heard its the minerals and dirt or is it toxins from the metal plates ie chromium?

Secondly does bicarbonate produce sodium hydroxide solution, co2 and co, if is there a possibilty that the sodium hydroxide solution could be evaporated with the gases intop the drinking water?

I was thinking of having some kind of liquid gas separator any ideas?

Thirdly the manual says you can mix bicarbonate of soda with potassium hydroxide, why is this?

Hope you guys can help thanks
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Re: Drinking water infused with hho

Postby TheVat on June 24th, 2019, 9:37 am 

"HHO" gas? Erm, wouldn't that be H2O, AKA "water"? "Bubbled with HHO gas" would be boiling, i.e. boiling produces bubbles of water vapor. The bicarbonate would soothe an acid reflux issue, but is otherwise pointless.

Also, putting lye (NaOH) in water you will drink is a bad idea. This Mr Lang sounds like a fraud, and any wellbeing you feel may be attributed to a placebo effect, i.e. the power of suggestion.
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