Avoiding senseless repetition (GR mechanics is local)

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Avoiding senseless repetition (GR mechanics is local)

Postby Marshall on April 25th, 2014, 12:34 pm 

In Newtonian mechanics geometry acts on matter without itself being acted on. It's a major player--the elephant in the room when it comes to mechanics :^D
(try to say what force is without the geometric idea of accel. try to talk about inertia without being able to say what a straight line is, without the idea of shortest distance. try to explain "equal and opposite" without an idea of opposite direction).

Starting about 100 years ago, the GR equation was INCORPORATED into our idea of mechanics. the elephant was recognized.
Modern mechanics realizes the role of geometry, and moreover it recognizes that the local interaction between matter and geometry is RECIPROCAL. Not only does geometry act on matter--guiding its flow--but matter acts on geometry in return.

That interaction is fundamental to mechanics and is what the GR equation describes---it says with exquisite precision HOW it proceeds. A description of changing shape on the LHS and matter on the RHS, with a universal force constant of proportionality between them.

This interaction is a basic principle of mechanics and it is local par excellence. The flow of matter is only affecting changes in geometry in its immediate vicinity.

I'm closing the books on further insistence that this interaction is somehow "action at a distance".

Anyone who want to deny the physical interplay of matter and geometry and stubbornly repeat to himself or herself that it is "action at a distance" needs to find another place to repeat it. We already had a long thread about this and after it degenerated into insistent repetition it was locked. Further threads on this theme don't add anything and will be locked.

Thanks for your understanding.
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