Personal Theories Subforum Guidelines

This is not an everything goes forum, but rather a place to ask questions and request help for developing your ideas.

Personal Theories Subforum Guidelines

Postby Administration on October 13th, 2006, 9:41 pm 

Welcome to the Personal Theories subforum. This forum hosts theories not yet accepted by peer review but which nevertheless constitute empirical (i.e. testable) science. It is recommended that you make clear your goal in your opening post. Theories should be presented in a clear enough form that they could be critiqued by members of the scientific community.

There are some basic guidelines to follow when posting an unproven theory or idea in this subforum.

1) Support each theory with scientific data on which it is based. If your theory is quantitative, explain the structure thoroughly, and let us know what body of data your model is intended to fit. Some effort should be made to research and check theories before they are posted in the forum. An idea with no visible basis of support is not a theory.

2) Use proper grammatical structure in your text. Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with appropriate punctuation. When referring to yourself, remember to capitalize the “I” in a sentence. The spell check feature can be utilized to ensure words are spelled correctly. Latex functions are available for inserting mathematical formulas into the text. Images can be uploaded for illustration.

3) The body of the text should be separated into paragraphs. Do not post one long page-length body of text. This makes your presentation difficult to follow and evaluate.

4) Since this is a Science subforum any Theory to be considered appropriate should first recover prior art (reproduce the successful predictions of established theory where it applies) and secondly should predict some new phenomenon by which it can be tested.

Any thread deemed inappropriate will be moved or locked at the moderator's discretion. This forum is not designed to be a place for demeaning other posters or for personal attacks. Each poster is expected to be respectful of other posters when critiquing or defending the science or idea behind a post.
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