Beginner, Advanced, and Popular SR

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Beginner, Advanced, and Popular SR

Postby ralfcis on May 1st, 2017, 9:55 am 

I've been here a long time and never saw this topic discussed before. Apparently it's a very touchy subject implying (actually stating) SR gives inconsistent answers that read like lawyer contracts between its 3 different versions (levels of expertise). So I'm kicked off the physics forum for even broaching the subject and told to repost elsewhere. It'll probably get removed from here as well. I guess it's all in my imagination and there are no levels of expertise even though it's been repeatedly expressed on the physics forum. Of course, maybe I haven't been understanding that getting booted is actually the yes or no answer I've been looking for to my questions.

There are 3 levels of SR and they are differentiated by the math used to handle acceleration in SR. Popular relativity states acceleration is outside the bounds of SR which only deals with constant relative motion without gravity. Since acceleration is out of bounds, it is "obviously" the cause of age difference between the twins in the twin paradox. Only problem is there are examples of age difference without acceleration and acceleration without causing age difference.

In beginner relativity you're allowed to consider acceleration as part of SR and you're allowed to consider that acceleration and gravity are the same thing under certain conditions of GR but you can't consider that gravity and acceleration cause age difference the same way in SR and GR. You are allowed to use simple algebra to solve basic SR problems with a dash of acceleration thrown in.

The expert level uses calculus and 3D coordinate rotations to fully explain spacetime and the role of acceleration in SR. According to Don Lincoln, relativists are told one thing in beginner classes and told to forget all that in advanced classes. This kind of explains to me why any SR answer is level dependent.

I'm just saying I'm going to be posting a question here soon to make sure I understand SR before I continue and I'm hoping to get an answer that doesn't read like a lawyers contract filled with escape clauses, loopholes and caveats. I'm hoping for an advanced level final agreement. Is there even any agreement to what I've posted here?
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