The Ultimate Unifying Theory?

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The Ultimate Unifying Theory?

Postby Ron Williams on July 10th, 2017, 12:03 pm 


Is science today blinkering itself with complexity? black holes, bent space/time, string-theory, multiverses and the search for a “God particle”? Are the answers simpler, more logical than that.

Below is the only proposition I am aware of that postulates what gravity is, and by association what black holes probably are, and hypothesizes ‘time’ before “The Big-Bang”.
The Eureka moment came from an inversion of one of sciences ‘assumptions’ and everything fell into logical place.

As science stands at the moment, gravity and the Big Bang are accepted as unexplained, undefined “absolutes” see : -.
Wikipedia has only a wild speculation for what gravity actually is: Quote, “Gravity is most accurately described by the general theory of relativity (proposed by Albert Einstein in 1915) which describes gravity not as a force, but as a consequence of the curvature of spacetime caused by the uneven distribution of mass/energy; and resulting in gravitational time dilation, where time lapses more slowly at a lower (stronger) gravitational potential”.
“Curved space-time” is only a logical definition if it is unchallenged.
Similarly unchallenged is how the Big Bang managed to spew out the near infinite supply of atoms required to furnish the universe in which we have evolved.
Wikipedia, “The consensus among scientists, astronomers and cosmologists is that the Universe, as we know it, was created in a massive explosion that not only created the majority of matter, but the physical laws that govern our ever-expanding cosmos. This is known as The Big Bang Theory”.
Can explosions create matter? The accepted chemistry of explosions is that explosions do not create matter, they just transmute it - mostly into heat. This ‘consensus of opinion’, unchallenged is a working hypothesis, not a proof.
The proposal may contradict an accepted unchallenged assumption, but overall it is elegantly and provocatively logical. If this inversion ‘carries’, then our understanding of our universe also inverts.


There cannot be nothing. There was always something. It is proposed that ‘something’ was an infinite, endless, timeless force field operating on all frequencies and in every direction oscillating at light speed, precisely as the night sky cosmos as we see it, but empty of all substance.
Within this infinite environ, atoms became created from the precise collisions of frequencies from every direction which momentarily arrested light speed.
A precise collision of frequencies at the positive peak spewed out a proton.
The precise collision of frequencies at the negative peak created an electron.
The precise collision of frequencies at zero peak produced a neutron.

Observation noted electrons streaming towards protons and the obvious conclusion is that protons attract. What is more difficult to explain is how this attraction somehow reverses into repulsion in close proximity and directs electrons into orbiting protons to create hydrogen.
The proposal is that it’s electrons that attract, but with relatively insignificant mass, it is electrons that do the moving. Therefore the proposal is, in close proximity homing electrons are repelled by protons into circulatory orbits to create hydrogen, the basic element in the Universe.
The above inversion leads logically to the proposal that gravity is the attraction of a mass of electrons, modest in the molten interior of Earth, massive in our Sun.

The above proposal suggests by association that ‘black-holes’ may be concentrations of protons repelling all matter - only appearing to swallow it.

Within infinity’s billions of years, hydrogen was/is being continuously created and gathered into a cloud of explosive potential. It is proposed that within infinite space and infinite time, the continual and unrestricted growth of this concentration of hydrogen led inevitably and eventually to cause the core temperature of the cloud to heat from its own gravity to reach the auto-ignition point of Hydrogen. Since an atom of hydrogen has a mass of about 1.66 x 10(-24) grams, and a MOLE of hydrogen atoms weighs only 1.008 grams, for the core temperature of a hydrogen cloud to reach the flashpoint of hydrogen, +565.5C, the Big Bang must have been fuelled with material from a hydrogen cloud of near immeasurable size. This combustion spewed this near infinite matter into space, enough matter to furnish the universe in which we have evolved. The resultant explosive interactions from heat, gravity and velocity introduced variety into primal universal equations which caused more complex assortments of matter to evolve into suns; residue material formed planets, et cetera, et cetera.

It is proposed therefore, our universe was not the creation of some superior intelligence but is a logical and inevitable creation of a force field operating within infinite space and infinite time endlessly creating hydrogen which gathered into a cloud of near infinite size which exploded, spewing a near infinite amount of matter into infinity, enough matter to furnish the universe in which we have evolved.
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