Louder and Brighter

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Louder and Brighter

Postby zetreque on September 1st, 2017, 3:43 pm 

Seems to me that everything is getting louder, bigger and brighter.

[*]Every time a website changes it's layout the text gets bigger which requires them to remove more details making it simpler and dumbed down. (most recently ebay and youtube)

[*]Billboards on the highways are converting to these AWFUL blinding LED lighted boards that I have to put the sun visor down to even see the road at night.

[*]Movie theaters, car stereos, restaurants, everything is getting louder to the point of having to wear ear plugs and/or talk louder most of the time.

Theory: We are stuck in a positive feedback loop where poor diet, poor lifestyles, poor culture, ego, and greed1 are creating a situation where people's eyesight and hearing are getting worse leading to bigger, brighter, and louder leading to poorer eyesight and poorer vision... repeat. And I am thinking this might be detectable even on a generational level.

1 Another positive feedback loop is capitalism. Everyone is vying for your attention so companies advertisements have gotten louder brighter and bigger to compete with one another in a cycle that gets louder brighter and bigger.

This is another tragedy of the commons problem that happens on a time scale that goes unnoticed to the average observer.
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