Christmas Tinsel – Gold, Silver and Copper

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Christmas Tinsel – Gold, Silver and Copper

Postby Pivot on December 17th, 2017, 5:10 am 

Greetings and best wishes to all for Christmas.

E2M models for those important metals Gold, Silver and Copper have been painstakingly (a 197 piece 3-D jigsaw puzzle for gold) developed and offered as Christmas fare.

The main E2M paper has also been updated with the models for the metallic trio, and some of the dialogue has been upgraded.

The newest version of the full paper (33 page pdf), can be downloaded as

or just the Gold, Silver and Copper models (4 page pdf) as

Things that have changed :

• The 2-stack terminology has been replaced by the more accurate generic acronym CUF which stands for a Concentrated Up-quark Field.

• The embedded polygon mapping to the Periodic Table has been modified (page 18).

• The paper’s abstract to read as :
This paper presents E2M’s energy-centric rationalisation of electromagnetism, leading to a suggested structure for quarks and nuclides and applying these to model atomic structure and bonding, and to provide an explanation for Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and the phenomena of Gravity.

• The rationale for aligning electric fields to magnesphere magnetic fields (page 4).

If you can spare some time over the festive period (or before), please download the new version and enjoy. Any feedback is appreciated.
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