Dark Matter is a misnomer

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Dark Matter is a misnomer

Postby Melkarth on December 19th, 2017, 3:04 am 

It is not dark. It is invisible. It does not have surface area, or it would be smashing into us all the time. It is not matter. The only way this could be true for "matter" would be if there was a breakdown of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Then you would be talking about singularity. If that were the case, how could it be passing through us all the time without swallowing us up, or making us explode? It is not matter. It is an unexplained gravitational force. That's it.

Re: Dark Matter is a misnomer

Postby JMP1958 on December 19th, 2017, 2:53 pm 

Dark matter is simply matter that does not interact through the electromagnetic force. All interactions between matter are interactions between forces. When you say that DM does not have a surface area, neither does an electron. An electron is considered a "point particle" and its effective cross-section is defined by its electromagnetic field. When an electron "hits" something else, it is just its electromagnetic field interacting with the electromagnetic field what it "hit". Dark matter just doesn't have this means of interacting with other matter and relies on gravitational interaction alone.

As to the formation of a singularity, combined with the HUP, you are trying to combine two theories that, to this point, nobody has been able to successively combine: QM and GR. We don't have a working theory of Quantum gravity yet, so we can't extrapolate what happens with gravity at that scale.

The WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particle) model for dark matter is not that far fetched. We already of aware of one particle that share this property. It is the neutrino. Billions of neutrinos produced by the Sun are streaming through your body right now without having the least bit of an effect on it, and it has been determined that neutrinos are massive particles. Now while there reasons why known neutrinos can't be the source of DM (though a new hypothesized type known as a "sterile neutrino" has been proposed as a candidate), the existence of the neutrino shows that particles that have the predicted properties of DM can exist.

And quite frankly, the amount of DM passing through your body would be quite small as the total predicted mass of DM spread out through the entire volume of the Solar system only adds up that of a small asteroid.

Dark matter is very thinly spread out, it is only because is fills up such a large volume that it adds up to enough total mass to have a measurable effect on galaxy rotation curves.

Many attempts have been made to explain things by modifying our theories of gravity, but they have all come up short in terms of making predictions that match all the observations. Some recent observations have pretty much ruled out any theory that relies completely on modifying gravity as being the solution (though a hybrid theory could still be possible; one that both modifies gravity and includes some dark matter)

It does not appear that you have delved very deeply into the particulars of this issue at all, so it seems to be a bit premature for you to be making such bold claims as to what DM is or isn't.
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