Relevance of Atomic Structure to the Physical Characteristic

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Relevance of Atomic Structure to the Physical Characteristic

Postby Pivot on April 23rd, 2018, 4:47 am 

Have just submitted an article titled ‘Relevance of Atomic Structure to the Physical Characteristics of Matter’ for publishing on . It is a short article (9 page), plus some associated videos of the atomic structure models. It shows how the structure of the nucleus relates to the observed physical and bonding characteristics of the elements involved.

The 3D models place each proton, neutron and electron within the structure of the nucleus, with provision for bonding hooks used in chemical reactions and to form compounds, ions and molecules. Have a preview look at the submitted work – I’d be interested to hear what you think.

Some of the videos are a bit jerky in places because my computer’s cpu was really struggling to cope with the 3D rotations. Those links …

• The pdf article ... hCDPBKwmo0
• Graphite atom video ... taNWyKiaVE
• Graphite sheet video ... 3rJI_6QEiO
• Diamond atom video ... 5X4K7bb8V4
• Copper atom video ... 48opRxEkMO
• Silver atom video ... 2DjMvX0Tb7
• Gold atom video ... X1kV9H1Fem

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