Photons and the Diverse Nature of Light

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Photons and the Diverse Nature of Light

Postby Pivot on May 10th, 2018, 2:03 am 

I have found myself looking more into the areas of nano-particle and medical biological research of late because these areas seem very innovative and tackling Science in a practical pragmatic way. They appear to be moving ahead rapidly, whereas the areas of Physics related to the Standard Model and QED seem to have plateaued, expanding sideways into the troubled waters of increasing complexity and compromise. It seems to me that nano-particle and medical biological research represents the research frontiers for the future, with Standard Model and QED research becoming those of the past.

I daresay that many of you would disagree.

However, in my readings, I came across an aspect relating to nano-particle manipulation using momentum from light related to the diagram below.

OAM and SAM Interaction.jpg
OAM and SAM Interaction

I have put together a short article about photons and the diverse nature of light that can be found on the link

I hope you find it interesting.
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