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Postby Philostotle on December 6th, 2018, 8:25 pm 

The following attachment is a personal theoretical mathematical construct for peer review.


It is the inherent nature of all things that they are a compilation of two different and distinct things. It is axiomatic that these two things are space and value. The value of any given thing being what it is, while the space is what it occupies.

It is true that, abstract or otherwise numbers are a thing, therefore they must also contain a compilation of space and value. It is an axiomatic truth that space is the labeling of quantities of dimensions. It is an axiomatic truth that value is the labeling of quantities of existence, other than dimensions.

*It is possible one disagrees abstraction has space....but the agreement can easily be made that the space of abstraction is also abstract...therein nullifying the debate.

Therefore abstract numbers must in the least, contain an abstract representation of spacial quantity, (in the symbol) to match the abstract numerical quantity (in the symbol).

All numbers are composed of both space and value...inherent in the "number" or "symbol" that identifies it.

Thanks for those that chose to offer criticism and or help!
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