Explaination of quantum entanglement using general relativi

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Explaination of quantum entanglement using general relativi

Postby tj444 on July 28th, 2019, 1:00 am 

Sorry if this is highly speculative feel free to move it.
I am currently still learning special relativity on khan academy so excuse my ignorance.

Imagine I am an ant.
I walk across the surface of straight horizontal line.
Now instead of an ant I am a quantum particle.
The quantum particle moves across the line I assume it has to be a minimum distance that a quantum particle can move. Lets assume I move that amount. When I move the minimum distance I end up at the beginning. The reason I think this is because this could explain quantum entanglement.

I believe gravity causes a quantum particle to move back to the original position. Now to visualize what gravity is doing to the quantum particle.

Imagine a piece of paper. I am folding the paper.When I fold the paper it goes back to the origin except there is thickness. I imagine when space folds into other space it doesn't create thickness. An analogy is you can only fold paper you can only fold it so many times. Since space is nothingness (A little controversial space is nothingness) it can fold as many times and is flat.

Now this is the part I am not certain about. But according to general relativity there are reference frames. Space can be shorter from one reference frame and from the other reference frame longer. Now if space was to fold like a paper without the thickness, it would look like it is far away from a human observer but to particle due to the folds it would be at the origin.

Combine this with two entangled particles and they would be right besides each other enabling quantum entanglement. To note I am not sure the process that quantum entanglement would take place this just explains locality.

Would this create the problem that the particle could never advance very far from both reference frame? If yes are there any shapes that go back to the origin when it moves so from one reference frame be at the original but appear to have be far away from one reference frame?

Maybe for the folding there has to be at least two particles besides each other.

Maybe bohmian mechanics could explain the rest.
Can bohmian mechanics explain non locality?
Can someone tell me if this makes any sense according to physics or is this complete nonsense?
As stated I am not really familiar with general relativity and am currently learning special relativity.
This post may be deeply flawed so feel free to ask any further questions and tell me the flaws.
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