Some Thoughts on Early Civilizations

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Re: Some Thoughts on Early Civilizations

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Re: Some Thoughts on Early Civilizations

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Re: Some Thoughts on Early Civilizations

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Finally, I would briefly mention my hypothesis that the legendary kings of ancient China Yao, Shun, and Yu appear to be connected to the Egyptian deities of Ra, Shu, and Geb. Based on my analysis, Yao is a solar deity, similar to Ra. I noticed that in ancient Chinese, what is in modern Chinese as [r] was typically pronounced as [y]. Therefore, Ra would have been pronounced as Ya, similar to Yao. Shu could be easily converted to Shun. I don't know how Geb became Yu, but both are in charge of earth and agriculture, and both got two children. In Chinese poems, the solar god ride on the dragon boat, which again bring us back to the Egyptian tradition.

Re: Some Thoughts on Early Civilizations

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"Another criticism that has been leveled at many diffusion proposals is the failure to explain why certain items were not diffused”

Well not that I’m in favor of Diffusion but I can’t see how this might be an argument against it, I can imagine that within the evolution of any culture that a particular item of technology might go out of practice for such a time as to be forgotten due to environmental pressure, in much the same way as it does with biological evolution , for example the wheel previously mentioned might be superseded by sleds during an ice age or migration to a colder region over a few generations wheelwrights become a skill no longer required by their society and once exiting that environment the wheel is all but forgotten.
As for comparisons in writing and so on, similar symbols and aesthetics can quit easily arise in different geography’s through different cultures due to some basic efficiencies in communication ,geometry and math’s , not to mention some fundamental and universally recognized features such as a circle for the sun a triangle for a mountain zigzags for water and so on, with slight variables and nuances produced due to the image medium and tools being used i.e. stone, paper wood , hide ,metal, inks, pigments, engraving etc past this latter embellishments would arise as certain cultures become more complex ,however the availability of certain materials would still I think inform the aesthetics of any particular culture , in some ways its more surprising that cultures are not more similar than different or perhaps they are and we are just hyper vigilant to tiny differences
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