Rosetta Stone study anyone?

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Rosetta Stone study anyone?

Postby rainman on December 10th, 2015, 3:57 pm 

Twenty years ago I received permission from the British Museum to study the Rosetta Stone using stereoscopic microscopes. The purpose of the study was to discover exactly how the precise printing on the stones was created...the stones being hard granite, the printing looking like it was typed and the mechanics of the day being quite primitive. My university declined to fund me and I was broke at the time. I never followed through but still think it could be an interesting study.

At the time I had been given access to the Rosetta Stone before the museum opened. I had been donated time on the most modern stereoscopic microscopes (but not electron). The idea was to observe the indentations and scratches on the walls of the printing to try to determine exactly how the perfect lettering on the Stone was created. Rubbed, scraped, chiseled, or ? The curator at the time told me that Napoleon had covered the stone with ink to make prints and that paint/ink was still there in some spots and might have to be removed.

I'm retired now but am hoping that someone could revisit this study and let me know what they find. I'm still fascinated as to how that precise printing on granite could be accomplished using primitive tools.

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