Why don't we all go to Heaven?

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Why don't we all go to Heaven?

Postby Keep_Relentless on November 1st, 2019, 7:47 am 

In Buddhism, all beings will achieve bliss eventually. Learning countless lessons in countless lives across many realities, some heavenly, some hellish, all beings will sooner or later achieve enlightenment and be saved.

I'm currently struggling to understand why, in Christianity, all are not similarly saved. Why don't sinners spend a finite amount of time in Hell as due punishment, and then return to Earth or Heaven? Why do sinners spend an infinite amount of time in Hell? Because they were free to choose? Isn't God responsible? Why would He create a world in which souls suffer eternally? How is that just (an infinite punishment for the infinite crime of rejecting an infinite being)?

Thank you to anyone who attempts to shed light on this.
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