God with a capital "G"

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God with a capital "G"

Postby Schmungles on May 31st, 2009, 12:19 am 

Given that this forum allows for the discussion of the beliefs of a great many religions, it is only natural that some confusion can arise when members discuss god. This is problematic, because it is nearly impossible to have an intelligent theological discussion when no one knows exactly whose god is being discussed. To this end, please use the following naming convention for discussing divine figures:

1. God, when spelled with a capital "G," is a proper noun, and thus should only be used when discussing religious traditions that use this proper noun to refer to the deity they worship.

2. god, when spelled with a lower case "g," is not a proper noun, and can be used in all other cases.

3. When talking about polytheistic religions, please try to use the proper names for each of the various gods worshiped by these religions when discussing these gods individually. When referred to collectively, they would be "gods," spelled with a lower case "g." For example, one could talk about Odin or Thor, or one could talk generally about the Norse gods.

Of course, posters should still strive to be very specific about precisely what religious tradition, or "ism," they are discussing, but by using the above naming convention we will at least be able to eliminate some confusion.

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