Philosophy of Religion: Forum Guidelines

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Philosophy of Religion: Forum Guidelines

Postby Marshall on May 5th, 2010, 12:36 am 

Our emphasis in this forum is on the philosophy of religion, rather than on announcing/declaring/preaching individual religions. The latter is not ruled out or frowned on unless it becomes too strident and repetitious, driving intelligent discussion out of the threads.
Everybody presumably realizes that PCF is a philosophy forum--and that informs how we talk about religion. We look for reasoned differences of opinion. Cited source texts by prominent thinkers and religious teachers will hopefully interest and stimulate discussion, but can always be questioned. You are encouraged to give quotes and source links where it will add an interesting dimension to what you have to say, but don't assume they represent some kind of ultimate authority.

One thing that comes with this being a philosophy forum is the assumption that we can talk about stuff. No unspeakable knowledge is up for discussion. No concept by its very nature inaccessible to the human mind is fit for philosophizing. What we talk about here is stuff that can be talked about, and we don't speculate about what might be outside the realm of human language and consciousness. At least I think so. Philosophy like anything else has limits.

I personally like to hear diverse sentiments and opinions and I don't think this is unusual! Maybe most of us here do (we never took a poll but it's possible.) Clashes of opinion can be eye-opening and exciting. Not to mention hilariously funny sometimes. But ultimately we should try to discuss religion philosophically. Reasoning, examining the concepts, citing sources.

I have adapted the following text (with minor changes) from earlier Religion forum guidelines. I agree with it although might not have said everything in exactly these words:

This forum is for discussion on a broad range of religious issues. The topics here do have to be related to religion, otherwise they will be moved to a more appropriate forum.

This forum will be actively moderated. If they get to be too much, in the mod's judgment, the following things are subject to deletion/warning/ban:

overly long or incoherent posts
excessively mystical assertions disrupting rational discussion
offensive or harassing posts
uncritical appeals to the authority of sacred texts such as Koran or Bible
violations of the PCF guidelines

Please try to be civil a fair amount of the time and to keep posts relevant to the topic of the thread.

If you require a moderator's assistance for anything, use the "Report Button" or post an inquiry in the PCF Feedback Forum.

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