A prayer for those who fear death.

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A prayer for those who fear death.

Postby Alan McDougall on May 28th, 2017, 11:08 am 

as I approach the infinite long dark night
resist and resist and resist with all my might
I try and try and try to comprehend this final end
to which all men must descend
is it a sleep that all must take?
or is it an eternal end that all must make?
I like to dream of awakening in light not dark
in a beautiful place to which all righteous men depart
do we sleep the sleep of forever?
or do we awake some other place together?
does the answer to this ultimate question
remain forever a process of eternal redemption?
on one glorious day from timeless sleep I awoke
and heard a beautiful and kind voice that sweetly spoke
my faithful son at last you have became to understand
exactly your place in this troubled land
you my beloved have truly never ceased to seek
the infinite destiny that in eternity for you I keep
so for you and your family no eternal death awaits
because of your zeal to know your fate
soon I will bring you all to this most holy place
and there I will you never forsake
very soon, you shall hear a sweet call in the dark of night
come, come into the holy glory of the father spirit of mighty might
I walk in the cool of evening along sweet meadows I have never seen
I smell the beauty of grasses that have never been
strange golden streams of crystal waterfowls
as blue glory of mighty skies above glows
I search and searched the long forgotten memories in the attic of my mind
along those twisted channels the very depth of my soul that I could not find
I see before me things so wonderful I knew from long ago
I puzzle over the enigma to know what I do not know
out there far beyond the knowledge of any mortal man is revealed
something of such great mystery to it my heart had appealed
why have I on this one thing so many long years stalled?
is this infinite knowledge from which so-many man were appalled?
walking on through the shade of great trees that give eternal life
I hear the sweet forgotten voice that comes to free all from everlasting strife
high green new grasses in this new do land grow
as transparent waters chuckle dance, sparkle, and flow
Alan (composed 16/2/2005)
Alan McDougall
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