Why does God need praise?

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Why does God need praise?

Postby Alan McDougall on June 24th, 2017, 7:02 am 

Why does God need praise?

Why would an infinite eternal being require mere mortals like us to bow down fawn on him and praise him day and night forever?

Has God got a fragile ego that needs constant stroking?


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Re: Why does God need praise?

Postby mitchellmckain on June 24th, 2017, 3:46 pm 

I don't recall ever hearing anywhere that God needs praise. If you think this is why Christians do it then you probably haven't made the smallest effort to understand.

In any case, I have a better question.

Why would an infinite eternal being seek glory or to glorify himself?

It seems to be the teaching by much of Western Christianity that the purpose for which God created man and the universe is for his own glory, i.e. to glorify himself and furthermore the purpose of our existence is to praise and glorify God. This is not the teaching of the Eastern Orthodox, by the way. Their teaching is it is all about love. God created the universe and man as something to love. Thus I frankly this is one of the distortions of Christianity coming from Dark Ages when the barbarian tribes who conquered Europe adapted Christianity to fit their own way of thinking including this idea of a whipping boy Jesus paying for their own crimes in a substitutionary sacrifice.

Oh, and I will tell you right now that someone pushes the BS that doing things for love equates to satisfying some selfish need then I think this points to the flaw in their own character - an inability to comprehend love. It is no doubt a derived from a childhood with a poor imitation -- for I have frequently seen parents using the word "love" as nothing more than a means to manipulate and control. It reminds me of the attitude of evil men who justify their own supremely self-centered morality by which they acknowledge no innocence and see even children as enemies and competitors to destroy and use however best serves themselves.

For this reason I will adamantly challenge the whole idea of "power of love." If it is a means to power then it is no kind of real love at all. Manipulative rhetoric using the word "love" is not love.
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