My position of religion as a boy and now!

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My position of religion as a boy and now!

Postby Alan McDougall on June 24th, 2017, 2:00 pm 

My position as a boy religion, when I reflect back, was atheistic and my philosophy then, was live for today, because tomorrow you might die. Death to me was simply extinction of my consciousness, into eternal nothingness. This did not frighten me because of course I was young and thought I still had an eternity before me to live and I was going to squeeze every drop of fun out of life before that day. I used to tell my friends I will live this way until the moment before I die and only then make amends with God if he exists.

As a youth, I had absolutely no interest in religion and I was put off to the extreme by the silly exclusive cult the “Two by Two’s that had held both my parents into a fear of going to hell. This cult was so exclusive that unless one joined them and stuck completely to their beliefs one would end up in what they said was “A lost Eternity”, which was really a nice way of saying hell.

I think that at the most worldwide, there might have been as little as a few thousand of these sad people. If their teaching were true, then God workmanship, when he created humanity, was very poor indeed, it means that some 7,000,000,000 or seven billion people on earth are rejects and to be declared a faulty product and thrown into hell and forgotten by him forever. This is really overkilled is it not!

Do not attend any church, or embrace any religious belief that I consider irrational or exclusive, but I accept that Jesus was/is who he said he was and that there is indeed a God in which I can put my trust. I am no longer obsessed with anything and quietly say my prayers, at night, like I did as a little boy, go to sleep and trust “if I die before I wake I trust the Lord, my Soul, to take
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