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Re: Evolution and God

Postby edy420 on June 18th, 2018, 10:41 pm 

As an agnostic, I had two choices when it came to determining our creation.

Dawkins admits that no one knows, but argues God is 99% unlikely.
He has no idea, accept one idea that might be true, which is aliens created us.
He offers no other ideas, so his “most likely” possible answer is aliens.

So for any agnostic wanting to build a formulae for the most likely answer to the question of creation, they can simply compare the statistics of possibility.

Gods creation = 99% unlikely
Aliens = most likely.

The former is Dawkins opinionated assumption based on no facts whatsoever.
His most likely answer which is supposed to trump the idea of God, is based on no facts whatsoever..

The numbers of likelyhood are different for each person.
Dawkins is agnostic which is why he doesn’t say the likelyhood of Gods existence is impossible, he’s 1/99 a believer in God.
Atheists would put numbers like 100% unlikely that God exists and 100% likely that the first cell randomly sponteiniously generated, or 0/100

Last year as an agnostic I was 70/30 on the probability of God.
In light of recent events, I’m now 100% a believer.

In conclusion, it’s up to each individual to decide for themselves what they believe, as there are no solid facts on the beginning of our existence, or existence itself for that matter, according to Dawkins.
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Re: Evolution and God

Postby mitchellmckain on June 18th, 2018, 11:27 pm 

Trying to find some discussion of Dawkins on the topic of abiogenesis (new developments found under the names pre-biotic evolution and metabolism first theories) is rather disappointing. But I think it just goes to show that Dawkins is a geneticist and evolutionary biologist, and thus a bit vague on topics about where that mechanics might have come from in the first place. These are after all fairly new developments. He definitely seems to fall into the old-guard that simply sees everything revolving around the advent of the self-replicating molecule. But more recent directions in research suggest that this may not be the beginning of the story at all, but only an important milestone of a longer process.

So edy420, does that make you a 1 on the Dawkins scale?


I count myself as a 1.5 because I would say the following...

Honesty and mental health requires me to question the existence of God. But I know God exists (as much as I know anything), which only means that I live my life accordingly. It is certainly an act of faith for I choose to live my life that way and be that sort of person. But I suppose I am an agnostic with respect to the objective knowledge of the existence of God, because I don't believe objective knowledge of God's existence is possible. This pretty much means that I don't think proof is possible and that is why I can also defend atheism as a rational alternative.
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Re: Evolution and God

Postby mitchellmckain on August 31st, 2018, 1:55 am 

I recently claimed that Christianity has been a little slow at exploring the theological implications of the acceptance of evolution.

When I tried a google search on "The impact of accepting evolution on Christian theology," I found the following. (Not quite what I was looking for but still interesting.)

How are Christianity and Evolution compatible? This puts forward the argument that they have always been compatible beginning with the first written response to Darwin's book by priest Rev. Charles Kingsley and this was the rule of Christian response to Darwin with only a few exceptions. This changed in the USA when many churches started treating the Bible literally as a science text. My impression was it was like they wanted a fight. Perhaps this was simply their way of attracting attention and keeping the church in the public eye.

Five facts about evolution and religion: Christians who oppose evolution are a minority UNLESS you are an American Protestant Evangelical. But Notice that there is still a substantial portion 26% of American Evangelicals (like myself) who support evolution.

Christian Faith Requires accepting Evolution. This puts forward the argument that those opposing evolution, instead of defending the Christian faith have actually abandoned it.
Dudley in above link wrote:no amount of talk about “worldviews” and “presuppositions” can change a simple fact: creationism has failed to provide an alternative explanation for the vast majority of evidence explained by evolution.

It has failed to explain why birds still carry genes to make teeth, whales to make legs, and humans to make tails.

It has failed to explain why the fossil record proposed by modern scientists can be used to make precise and accurate predictions about the location of transition fossils.

It has failed to explain why the fossil record demonstrates a precise order, with simple organisms in the deepest rocks and more complex ones toward the surface.

It has failed to explain why today’s animals live in the same geographical area as fossils of similar species.

It has failed to explain why, if carnivorous dinosaurs lived at the same time as modern animals, we don’t find the fossils of modern animals in the stomachs of fossilized dinosaurs.

It has failed to explain the broken genes that litter the DNA of humans and apes but are functional in lower vertebrates.

It has failed to explain how the genetic diversity we observe among humans could have arisen in a few thousand years from two biological ancestors.

Those who believe God created the world scientists study, even while ignoring most of the data compiled by those who study it, might as well rip dozens of pages out of their Bibles. Because if “nature is as truly a revelation of God as the Bible,” it’s basically the same thing.

The Christian Man's Evolution: How Darwinism and Faith Can Coexist. Geneticist ordained as a Dominican priest has been working to change American Christian opinion on evolution. He thinks that scientists who are atheists, like Dawkins, attacking religion have strengthened the opposition, leading to a major setback in his efforts.
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