THE MODERN TESTAMENT: creating a new bible book

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THE MODERN TESTAMENT: creating a new bible book

Postby pythicnome on June 10th, 2018, 11:26 pm 

Sounds crazy, right? Who needs it? And how can it be done in modern times?

OK here is my take:

The Old and New Testaments are thousands of years old. Were written in what were localized cultures by people who knew relatively little about where on earth they were, who else was with them and what they were doing? It is therefore not really a universal tale - though it does have many universal elements. But a more universal tale would have much greater appeal.
The old bible is also very inaccurate science-wise - and why shouldn't it be - but they did their best to make it true and we can do much better now. We can acyually bridge many of the divides between the spiritual realm and science. We also have a more accurate knowledge of the history of those times as well as all of the history - and its lessons - since then.

Yes our great civilization has produced millions of books, but are we capable of producing one that epitomizes us in our own time.

The different bibles and other holy books are all about humanity and the life of human beings but the local differences between these books - which could be framed as dialects of the central themes - serve more to divide us than unite us. The holy books are responsible for millions of deaths and much siffering. And yet most of us still want some counseling on how to live our lives and how to face our deaths.

We may be moving toward a more singular world culture. There is certainly a greater world awareness and a need to come together on how we manage our world. Several centuries have been occupied between often bloody battles between science and religion. To some extent this has been a waste of time. Science is not wrong, but some core concepts of religion are deeply rooted in our humanity and part of our consciousness and therefore not to be eliminated. Science for example gives us no solace for death and yet science does show us a world full of mystery and awe. Religion fails in part because the content is very old - archaic - and because of different sects sticking to what are often small differences between versions of the holy books.

Even if all do not want to move on from here, there may be many who do and perhaps a new book will help us have spiritual feelings as one world and feelings that are better informed by modern science and by the experience of all peoples.

What do you say? Is it worth a discussion?
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