Project Blitz: Christian Nationalism in the USA.

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Project Blitz: Christian Nationalism in the USA.

Postby hyksos on January 15th, 2019, 8:41 pm 

Center for Inquiry wrote:This is similar to model legislation promoted by the Christian nationalist Project Blitz, an effort by the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation to impose Christianity on Americans through operation of law. The Project Blitz manual encourages religious Right lobbyists to advocate for Christian nationalist legislation in their home states beginning with symbolic “In God We Trust” bills. Additional legislative initiatives would allow religious discrimination against women seeking reproductive health care, same-sex couples, transgender people, and other marginalized groups

The principal bill mill for Project Blitz is the Chesapeake, VA- based, Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation (CPCF), an offshoot of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, both creations of former Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA). The Foundation operates Project Blitz in partnership with Wallbuilders, headed by Christian nationalist and Republican Party operative, David Barton, and the National Legal Foundation, on whose board Barton also sits. The Project Blitz “Steering Team” includes Lea Carawan of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Bill Dallas of United in Purpose (a Christian Right strategic and capacity building organization), Buddy Pilgrim, a businessman who served as National Director for Faith & Religious Liberty for the 2016 presidential campaign of Ted Cruz

The language of some of these bills is breathtaking in their audacity. "Biblical literacy initiative" is unfathomable in a modern democracy, yet there it sits.

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Re: Project Blitz: Christian Nationalism in the USA.

Postby edy420 on April 11th, 2019, 3:20 am 

She observed that in Arizona, for example, “They had already passed a law allowing IGWT posters to hang in the public schools. This year, they passed a law allowing the state motto, “God Enriches,” to hang on the wall alongside it. Each step might seem minor, but students will now be attending schools that send these two religious messages to students every day.”

Does this mean every school must hang these signs? Or it simply allows it. The woman objecting seems to think it has disastrous effects on children..

“For students who don’t believe in God or have non-traditional concepts of a deity, this is a fundamental violation of the​ir right of conscience,” Garrett added.

“Government should be neutral in matters of religion and certainly should not be using public schools to tell young people ​that there is one God and they must trust that God.”

“The message isn’t subtle​” she observes, “​and it suggests that if you don’t agree, you aren’t welcome and you ​even may be un-American. That’s a lot of pressure when you’re in elementary school.”

In God we Trust. God enriches. Now I said it, does anyone feel the pressure?

Bible Literacy Act: Allows for the teaching of the Bible as an elective course in public schools.

It doesn't seem like they're twisting your arm. Its optional? If they were making atheists into criminals then if be against it. But simply allowing it to be taught optionally is fair. A child is being indoctrinated for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week in the religion of atheism. Why not allow them to optionally spend an hour a week learning about the most popular spiritual teaching in western civilization.
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