Forum Guidelines

This is a forum for discussing philosophical theories of government and social structure. It is not a venue for partisan rants or plugging favored candidates.

Forum Guidelines

Postby kidjan on May 28th, 2009, 11:39 am 

This forum is for a broad range of debate on political science, economics, law, political theory, government, and other related topics. The discussions don’t have to be philosophical, but if they are too informal or don’t relate to the aforementioned subjects, they may be moved/edited/deleted at the discretion of moderators.

This forum will be actively moderated. All of the following are prohibited:

  1. Offensive or harassing posts
  2. Non sequiturs, ad hominems, and other related fallacies
  3. Unsupported, unsourced claims and/or repeated refusal to explain one's position with basic scholarship. For example, assertions of the merits/faults of political, social or economic systems of thought should be supported by basic scholarship, any quoted statistics should include a reference to the source, etc.
  4. Incoherent, overly long, off-topic or poorly formatted posts
If an infraction is minor a moderator will give you an opportunity to clean up your post or will make any needed changes. For major or repeated violations, prohibited material will simply be deleted, and users may be warned or banned at the discretion of moderators. Also, note that general forum guidelines are also in effect.

Debate is expected to be civil and respectful at all times.

If you require a moderator's assistance for anything, use the "Report Button" or post an inquiry in the PCF Feedback Forum. If you have any questions or complaints about the rules, a moderator’s actions, another member, use the Report Button or go to the PCF Feedback Forum.
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Re: Forum Guidelines

Postby Lomax on April 4th, 2017, 11:07 pm 


This forum is intended for the discussion of broader issues of political theory, and should not be used for partisan campaigning. Matters of whether (for example) you prefer Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are not in themselves philosophical or related to political theory. You may rely on examples of real-life individuals in order to make a broader point, but entire exchanges devoted to bickering about who is better than whom are discouraged and may be actively moderated.
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