Is it time for direct vote by the people?

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Re: Is it time for direct vote by the people?

Postby Serpent on November 7th, 2020, 12:06 pm 

Or else, where the governance of the entire nation is decided by the equivalent of a football stadium full of spectators (remember those?) in a single state.
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Re: Gets my vote

Postby Faradave on November 8th, 2020, 2:36 am 

With biometrics preregistration and vote confirmation, count me in.

People will worry, the system can be hacked. We should be able to overcome such a threat. My brokerage firm has for years used voice ID (plus two from a list of secret questions). That enables me and millions of others to trade our life savings. They guarantee against losses due to fraud, hacking etc. and couldn't stay in business if they failed significantly. Similarly, my income tax (state and federal) has been filed electronically for at least the past five years. Surely, a voting system can be at least as secure.

It could still be run at the state level, to preserve the intent of the electoral system.
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Re: Is it time for direct vote by the people?

Postby mtbturtle on November 8th, 2020, 6:11 pm 

Eclogite » Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:01 am wrote:
zetreque » Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:17 pm wrote:a) I don't think anyone wants to be controlled or told what to do unless they are some twisted full time "submissive". You seem to be really reaching with this point that would be a debate deserving of another thread/conversation.
b) I don't think anyone said that and I think most people don't think we do which is probably a primary reason for this thread.

I don't equate being controlled with living in a non-democratic society. There are alternatives.

which alternative do you support?
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Re: Is it time for direct vote by the people?

Postby BadgerJelly on November 9th, 2020, 2:54 am 

One thing is clear. Regardless of any shenanigans the system in the US has been brought into question. Still rocky times ahead.

It seems to me having a national holiday for voting would be the most obvious way to circumnavigate many potential/existent issues.

I think you’re going to have to deal with Trump in the next election - which will mean he’ll try and undermine the system even more over the next 4 years. Ironically this may actually turn out to benefit everyone as it will force the government to rethink/rebuild the system and increase the fairness of the whole voting process (or risk some other ‘surprise’ result ‘sneaking’ in right in front of their noses).

Given the reaction of the democrats I don’t think they’ve learnt much at all if I’m honest. There is a large degree of shouting ‘sore losers!’ whilst completely neglecting the fact that many on the left have been literally screaming at the sky since Trump was elected - and there were, and continues to be, constant talk of Russian collusion and such.

My message being, it’s not over. Don’t be so negligent in the future. And ffs LISTEN to those you disagree with rather than demonise them (it will actually help in the long run).

GL :)
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Re: Is it time for direct vote by the people?

Postby Serpent on November 9th, 2020, 10:56 am 

I keep hearing that from various armchair quarterbacks: LISTEN to the other side.
(Which "other side"? Do they have a unified voice? Is there anyone who genuinely speaks for those people, rather than their own political agenda? To whom should we be listening?)

From the extreme Trump-supporters, I hear incoherent chanting of meaningless slogans "Stop the Count!" "Count That Vote!" and ridiculous demands "Fire Fauci!" "Lock her up!" "Drain the Swamp!" and astounding assertions: "Trump will bring morality back to America." "Trump fixed the economy." "Democrats want to take away our freedoms." It's a disheartening exercise, listening to these utterly deluded and disinformed people - and downright stomach-churning, to read the slogans on their chest.

It's very difficult - if not impossible - to sort out the actual, founded-in-reality grievances of specific Republican supporters from the made-up, revved-up, resentment of adolescents chafing from the constraints of civilization. It could be done, I suppose, if they were disconnected from the propaganda network and able to speak of their own experience in their words. If they still have any words of their own....
But it wouldn't be a single bloc complaint: it would be a different set of problems in each region, for each stratum of the income range, for each ethnic group and age group. And you might discover that many of those problems could not be traced back to the policies or actions of a democratic federal government, but to the very "job-creators" who donate so generously to Republican campaigns and are rewarded so generously with tax-cuts and deregulation.
Addressing the various problems is even more difficult - and in many cases, even if a mutually acceptable solution could be formulated, it's far beyond the powers of a federal government to implement.

Perhaps a better start than listening is to smuggle a few less toxic slogans into their vocabulary. God, Guns and Doctors; Tree Rope Tire; some assembly required .... (I can't link the originals, since all a search brings up are commercial outlets that rake in huge profits from poisoning public discourse.)

Seriously, it's not an issue that can be tackled head-on, all of a piece. It has to be dismantled, very carefully, gradually, peeling away from the outside.

BTW: Nobody will have to deal with Trump in the next election. Even if he himself is sufficiently compos mentis by then, his financial and political support will go the way of the ice-caps, only faster and quieter.
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Re: Is it time for direct vote by the people?

Postby charon on November 9th, 2020, 1:11 pm 

I've already forgotten about Trump. What's more interesting is that Biden's going to undo a lot of things that the unmentionable did. Like re-joining the Paris Agreement, etc. Good for him.

It's hard to believe that America had a certifiable mental case sitting in the Oval Office for four years creating havoc and actually thought he was worth something. Imagine having to call him 'Sir'. The mind boggles.

Unfortunately he can't undo putting kids in cages. That's a shame.
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