Trump: An Emerging Dictatorship?

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Re: Trump: An Emerging Dictatorship?

Postby Serpent on March 31st, 2019, 1:34 pm 

The Vat -- There may be no tech solution, really.

There can't be a tech solution. Every solution becomes somebody else's problem and they invariably solve it; then their solution becomes somebody else's problem and they solve it.

Funny about the full circle of television. In England, and I think other European countries, subscription was the way it began. At that time, everyone had the same programming; very little choice. Now, there is a huge range of product - both in entertainment and educational material. But subscription programming is limited to the content your provider chooses, and you choose the provider who offers the content you prefer. You no longer know what your compatriots are seeing and hearing, which is an impediment to communication, especially among voters. At this moment, what we least need are more divisions among interest blocs or demographics.

Also - speaking as a not particularly manipulable old person - I choose to keep the commercials unmuted. While their repetitiveness is annoying, I have always found them a revealing and interesting window into mainstream attitudes, mores, orientation, concerns and values. They are encapsulated messages: when you intercept one, it tells you a good deal about the sender and the intended recipient. They also, over time, are a good way to track social trends.
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