ONE SHEET - general philosophy

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ONE SHEET - general philosophy

Postby balkanaec on November 13th, 2015, 11:50 am 

ONE SHEET. It will be about everything. You have to know some physics etc. Do not believe this + shine. Discussion needed.

1. Existence. Everything existence is in a relation; relation = existence. There are objects (A) or transformations, relations (:=:). A is also represented by: passivity, indirect, softness, flexibility, yes, unconsciousness, heart, death, high entropy, space; :=: are activity, direct, hardness, fragility, no, consciousness, intellect, life, low entropy, time. Often it is ambiguous (attraction/repulsion…). A :=: A is a symmetry. Objects confirm their existence by relations. One confirmation is sufficient.

2. Structure of everything. Each information constists of indirect, unconscious part and direct part. Example 0,1: undirect part (A) - they are from one category - numbers; direct part (:=:) – they are diffirent numbers. A is a wide base, :=: is a top protruding from a base. Then a whole is. This issues are general and we can apply them globally: everything exists, all realities, phenomena, all variations of being, nonbeing, logical, illogical, prohibitions of being etc. – so called a Complete set. Logical structure, physics – our universe protrude within the Complete set by a natural selection (without time - everything is finished). The life has rised and developed by the natural selection, it is universal issue. Our universe, reality is a winning reality, defeated realities are not seen - they sleep, but “there could not be a winner without losers“. Everything that happens is the best due to the selection within the realities. We do not know answers about life arising, essence of gravity, brain working – maybe the solution is the natural selection within the realities. However, next thoughts do not include it.

3. Truth. The truth is a confirmation of something - it has two components. There are automatic, unconscious truth (reality itself, even in this case there are at least two components) and conscious truth, propositions etc. Are the thoughts in a point 2 true? Does everything exists through the confirmation with that thoughts? This confirmation would be timeless.

4. Nothing. Two kinds of nothing: conscious (nothing is in a direct level, the denial thing is in an indirect level) and unconscious (we do not even know it exists, this nothing is regressive). Why is something rather than nothing? It do not have a sense, answer lies in an emotional realm. The Complete set may do not have a cause. Everything = nothing actually.

5. Physical thoughts. Energy = spacetime = gravity = quantum interactions = information = one thing. More interactions = more energy etc. Gravity - how much information there are, other interactions - what information there are. Information is conserved (or a complete information about an object is known) if there is an independence on language. New quantum phenomenon?: A particle placed on some field should changes its probability of occurrence. With higher probability, we will find a particle at places where the field is stronger - there are more interactions (virtual) of field with the particle. This can causes a gravitational attraction or maybe, gravity is a product of the electromagnetic field. According to this thought, gravity would not exists in a homogenous environment - did the BB start due to this reason? Speed c is maybe the only speed that exists on a fundamental level: spacetime are not defined at c (STR) and no interaction (virtual or real) happens. If we localize somewhere in a completed spacetime, we have relations with surroundings, so time is going. Time = sequences?

6. Psyche. The secret of conscious-experiences lies in a positioning – I cannot feel what feels fly or what „feels“ quantum interaction because I am not there. Conscious = relations and matter; conscious do not have to be a special thing. NDE: all information in a dead brain are equally accessible at once – due to a natural selection the strongest information are perceived and also a logical structure arises (but what about memory?). Maybe the brain processes things separately and we perceive them at once due to a logical connection. Bullying, sadism are about hurted or rejected intimate self; it is a combination of ego and vital intimacy. Pain :=: is an extract of life. The whole psyche is based on a safety A and danger :=:.

7. Good and evil. Globally, everything is good in a result. Evil is whether the A and :=: are understood too separately (e.g. aggression) or they are united to one thing (e.g. delusion, ego or „mud“). Justice do not exist, there is an effort for it. We judge ourselves in front of the Truth. We should experience God deep in us and by thinking, we do not know if God extists.

8. Meanings. Meaning is at A and :=:. The meaning of life lies in ego-development and its overlap (to find not-self): by love, posterity, courage, knowledge. The hidden meaning of civilization, consumerism lies in a knowledge, science – it is the top.

9. Woman and man. Male principle is :=: in a core and A superficially, similarly, female principle is A and :=:. It is A :=: A together. Both deny self core, it is a jewel. Men friends have a prop :=: inside. Women are oral and men are anal in general. Woman absorbs and accepts, man accepts and protects. Man enter woman physically, woman enter man psychically and both resist. Feminity means relations and ambivalence – it is a reminder of intimacy. Feminity seeks :=:, masculinity seeks A.

10. Love and death. Pleasure or hate are a tight relation of A and :=:. Love is fuller - lies between them and include them, e.g. a supreme fusion and individuality, Tao/Self. Death is a connection of being (passed life) and nonbeing, after death is an eternal state of being and nonbeing (to need not to exist). At the end of hate (to the unborn and emptiness) love appears.

Re: ONE SHEET - general philosophy

Postby Natural ChemE on November 13th, 2015, 12:28 pm 


Is this is a cheat sheet for a General Philosophy 101 exam or a collection of personal thoughts that you're trying to express in condensed form?
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Re: ONE SHEET - general philosophy

Postby balkanaec on November 13th, 2015, 12:40 pm 

No cheating:) It is a collection of my thoughts....

Re: ONE SHEET - general philosophy

Postby TheVat on November 13th, 2015, 12:45 pm 

PLEASE post in plain coherent English on a particular topic that is intelligible to others. Or this will be deleted. Rambling collections of thoughts belong in a diary or other personal journal. This is a discussion board, where specific philosophic ideas are presented and discussed. Pick one topic, provide supporting arguments, literature references, and other explanatory material, and ask specific questions that others can respond to.
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Re: ONE SHEET - general philosophy

Postby balkanaec on November 13th, 2015, 4:00 pm 

There is a connection between paragraphs that isn´t seen for the first time. The connection is something like Jin and Jang, A and :=: in the text. It was an intention to write by this way, a reader have to think about it and maybe ask me for details. I know the discussion is quite impossible....

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