Quintessence: A Revision (2015.14)

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Quintessence: A Revision (2015.14)

Postby equilibrium on November 23rd, 2015, 12:27 pm 

Quintessence: A Revision (2015.14)

A Phenomenon has two expressions. For example wave/particle.

There are three primary points of view. Autonomy or degree of detachment; Alteration, or degree of differentiation; Assimilation, or degree of complementarity.

There are four phases, from mutual toward one, one toward mutual, mutual toward the other, and other toward mutual.

The fifth or Quintessence is Self Perception, the sense of self or I.


Quintessence is derived, in part, from Gestalt Theory and Niels Bohr’s Copenhagen Interpretation on the quandary of dualism.

The theme of duality is not specific to wave/particle, rather is reoccurring. Representations of duality include: Ying/Yang, Star of David, E=MC2, ’optical illusions’, words with duel meanings such as ‘fit’. Four phase representations include: The Sign of the Cross, wave length, Four Seasons, phases of the moon, sexuality.

Whether describing a wave/particle, the self or some collective, there exists an Internal Construct consisting of Self Perception and Oscillation. Through the process of recursion and evolution Self Perception and Oscillation developed greater awareness and latitude.

Self Perception is a manifestation of singularity arising from the point where the two expressions are one and the same with absolute zero distance between. Because two expressions (1) can not occupy the same space/time (2) be simultaneously experienced, this point of singularity is undefinable.

Self Perception determines choice. Choice, or point of view, is not absolute as all 3 points of view have some degree of validity and dependence on context. Choice can be effected by orientation, or preference, to exaggerations of orientation and by external influence.

Oscillation creates equilibrium. It is within this context that Self Perception actualizes duality. Without equilibrium Self Perception expands or contracts in one of 4 basic ways as described in Quintessence culminating in the collapse or splitting apart or fragmentation of Self Perception.

One expression is not better than the other, rather there are degrees of complementarity, inversely degrees of differentiation. The greater the complementarity the less the differentiation. Inversely, the greater differentiation the the less the complementarity.

Interrelationships are formed by the phenomena of Synchronization /A-synchronization for the means of Reciprocity. These two functions operate in accordance to the principals of Quintessence.

Re: Quintessence: A Revision (2015.14)

Postby TheVat on November 23rd, 2015, 1:03 pm 

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