'Unum non-movens'

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'Unum non-movens'

Postby parsoff on August 1st, 2016, 4:10 pm 

One in evolution is equal to one in the universe, the universe we do not know what it is and can only look at it with a telescope.
If you have a bird fly'n in the skies, one bird, that bird is in it's place. That one bird is one evolution, that bird is there in that one evolution.
Let's take then a tree where this bird left and flied for an hour and came back to the tree.
The shadow of the tree moved during this one hour, the shadow of the tree is not the same anymore as the bird left and one hour time passed.
The planet where this tree is growing on is not on the same place as the bird left as the planet orbited for one hour and the star the sun is not on the same place as the bird left one hour ago.
The sun traveled one hour trough space.
So the planet Earth as the Sun are still one Earth, one Sun, the tree is still one tree and the bird is still one bird.
They are not in the same place as one hour ago because there is cosmic expanding that is generated by the big bang, everything is moving through space.
The bird is still the one bird that is in it's place, one in evolution.
One in evolution is one in your place.
One when it was fly'n in the skies and came back as one evolution.
It is still in it's place.
You can see this thinking as separating life/evolution, single it out to one and separate it from the cosmic expanding that is going on in the background.
Did i create a new kind of thinking?
Do i have to give it a name?
I think this is not that important as it is more important that some one could understand what i am talking about.
I think that i explained it quit simple and maybe some time is needed to think about, not that much i think.
What to name separating one evolution from the cosmic back ground, the universe we do not what it is?
Can find Latin words and combine them, what they did in the old times or make a new word.
Name it 'Unum non-movens' -separating one evolution from the cosmic movements.
And are you in your place, the 'unum non-movens', as everything travels trough the cosmos?
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