How a teenager should manage the social media?

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How a teenager should manage the social media?

Postby britt_1a on March 11th, 2017, 1:33 am 

Instagram, twitter or Facebook have been a thief of a teenage's time and mostly some adults. Back into the big question "How a teenager should manage the social media?" the answer should be to control the time that we spend on it? we just delete our accounts? how much care we have to have? And i mean, when we post a picture on our profile is a past in that. How we add the effects, why we choose that photo. The media is taking ourselves more dependent of others. and thats is good or wrong? Should we spend many time a day checking others life...? the cyberbullying is increasing because more people care about this medias. Whats the right and smart solution? Put your account in private and do not follow strangers for fame. Put your account in public so everyone sees you don't hide nothing. Eliminate your account and then think what your friends are doing?
Wake up and the first thing to do is watch the media's notification. Should we put in airplane mood our phone and disable after breakfast? What is the meaning of the followers? You know everyone thats following you? if you don't... why show a part of your life so strangers... that make you feel important? Looking to meet friends or a couple online? See his or her photos on their WhatsApp, facebook instagram or snapchat as a confirmation if you hangup with him or her. The life is better with or without this? If this is right should we adapt to this? The comments on the photos are so easy to ready because they are so easy to create... what happen with the real-comments that is combined with a hug and smile "You look good baby! " Someone says to you with a smile in their face. Media is confusing me and confusing others...but what you think? pd: Sorry English is not my native language.
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Re: How a teenager should manage the social media?

Postby Dave_Oblad on March 11th, 2017, 4:28 am 

Hi britt_1a,

I can see your problems with English, don't feel bad, I only have command of one language.

But, you could still break your post into separate concepts as questions or statements.. to make it easier to read.

Also, instead of putting everything in one post, focus on just the most important aspects first. Let the rest of your ideas come when appropriate during later interaction with commenters.

I do wonder why Humans have such a strong need to be inter-connected. I look down any busy street and most people I see have their cellphones glued to their ears. Why?

Yes, being so exposed does present you to Cyber-Bullies and Trolls. You need to be Mature enough to keep such in perspective. If you have a delicate Ego, stay away from (or set personal rules to) Social Media Access.

Dave :^)
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