Are You Surprised that You're You?

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Re: Are You Surprised that You're You?

Postby Brent696 on July 28th, 2018, 5:25 pm 

One of the things that surprises me about myself is,

I follow three rules to master all interpersonal relationships,

Rule #1, I cannot change another person

Rule #2 I cannot change another person

Rule #3 I cannot change another person

Guilt, shame, or any manipulation, if I accept their effectiveness as agents, means I open my self up for others to use them against me. If you instill them with power, then that power can be used against you also.

You can offer possibilities, plant seeds, but beating someone over the head with a bible or science book is no different, thinking we are right does not excuse overturning the rights of others.

Science shows us that while we have physical bodies just like those of the animals, mankind is different in the most sublime of ways.
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Re: Are You Surprised that You're You?

Postby DragonFly on July 28th, 2018, 8:48 pm 

We’re probably not surprised to be who we are because we’re so familiar with ourselves. We were forced into being and to amount to how we became, never having been responsible.

Replies to others to figure out:

There is nothing magical about ‘quantum’. Field quanta go through two slits because they are wave lumps in the field. Our eyes can detect 3-5 photons, if not 1. A photon is a quantum.

One cannot be dubious about the message of reality; the messenger, which is the implementation, doesn’t matter, for any difference that makes no difference in the message is no difference. We could even say that fields and particles serve to simulate/run our reality, in a way, since they become us.

Evolution is not deniable; it has triple confirmation.
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