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Mirror Theory-Multidimensional Reflective Arithmetic / Logic

Postby Eodnhoj7 on March 5th, 2018, 1:34 pm 

Presented Argument:

Mirror Theory

Below is a "part", emphasis on "part" as it is unfinished with the exception of the mathematics section, of a paper I am working on called Mirror Theory.

ll number exists as reflective space, with 1 being an intradimensional point that exist ad-infinitum through a mirroring process that constitutes space itself as space, while simultaneously providing the foundations for "space as dimension through direction". Considering the point exists as unified and everchanging, we observe it locally in space/time through approximation in which the points (as extension of the point) exist through the connection of -1 dimensional lines that are: imaginary, negative in dimension (deficient in dimension but existing the the 1d point) and provide the foundation for what we understand of as deficiency in structure, aka randomness, as the limit of unity. This points mirrors itself ad-finitum at such a high rate, that it does not move while simultneously relflecting the dualistic understanding of infinity as spatial "limit" and "no-limit" with the third dimension being...well dimension itself as "direction".

Because the 1d point is the foundation for all reality, including consciousness (in which we intuitively "number" the 0d point contradictory) it is the foundation for what we understand of as number. 1 as positive cannot be seperated from the point, as it is the point. In its positive nature, as equal to addition as summation, if reflects upon itself to maintain +1. Simultaneously, addition as + which is inherent and inseperable from the number, reflects to form multiplication as the addition of addition or *1. +1 also reflects to form +2 and *2.

So where standard addition observes 1+1=2, reflective arithmetic observes both this and an inherent "set" with which the equation is composed:
+1 ≡ +1 ≅ {+1,*1,+2,*2}

****This post is old and the symbols used have been changed to avoid confusion. I have to update the post when I am finished with the calculations, several of the equations in the above text are void.

This set in turn existing as points, or lines if negative numbers, approximates. This approximation function observes that each point must find the corresponding connection between them. This approximation as connection, in turn results as the negative number (equivalent to negative dimensions as the line), wich both connects the points and exists as subtraction and division. Subtraction merely being the approximation of addition, division the approximation of multiplication, and subtraction mirroring subtraction to form division.

All positive arithmetic functions are inseperable from the point, as 1d space (not 0d space). All negative arithmetic functions are inseperable from the line as -1d space.

I will cut this out for brevity, assuming questions for the first part, however the equation about converting geometric solids gives a glimpse of the calculations. I will cover approximation later, as the negative dual to the reflective portion, if you wish.

This does not argue against the standard foundations of mathematics and geometry (founded in the 0d point and 1d line) but observes them as foundations for "relativism" or "relation" in which the symbols exist if and only if they "relate". In these respects standard mathematics is founded, and at its peak, from relativistism as the relation of parts that exist as 1d linear spaces individuating through 0d point.

In simple terms, from the perspective of an ethereal binding space, all numbers exist as positive points and negative lines which are inseperable from sets rooted in 1 as 1, while providing a foundation for both number and arithmetic as an inherent mirroring space that acts as binding median through the promulgation of symmetry.

Agree/Disagree Why?
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