A seeming paradox - Non-Existence.

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A seeming paradox - Non-Existence.

Postby Event Horizon on March 10th, 2018, 5:04 pm 

For a long time I've wondered if I stumbled across what could be an important paradox.

Basically, before the singularity event nothing existed because there was nothing to exist and nothing to exist in.
It seems to me that the only thing to exist was non-existence. But I think that was unsustainable because if nothingness existed, there is no other state than existence. I'm thinking that at this point, suddenly everything existed simultaneously in the same place at the same time. Then the inflation event would have happened and we know pretty much what happened since. So my paradox, the existence of non-existence is valid, it might turn out to be useful. I have made some assumptions, and I might be wrong, but If paradoxes are your thing you might be able to tell me if this is a valid paradox, at least in principle.
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Re: A seeming paradox - Non-Existence.

Postby Dave_Oblad on March 12th, 2018, 5:51 pm 

Hello Event Horizon,

Event Horizon wrote:It seems to me that the only thing to exist was non-existence.

Spot on!

The only "thing" that can exist is "non-existence".. because it is the only "thing" that requires no explanation.

Once one adds Space, Time, Scale, Speed, Dimensions etc.. then one is faced with the job of explaining how such came into existence from absolute nothing. My favorite is "Time", which is misunderstood. You will frequently find someone that asks 'What was happening before "Time" started.' Obviously, there can be no change without "Time" and thus there can be no existence of anything... ever.

The solution is by definition of what it means to "EXIST".

For example: 10/3 = 3.3333333 etc in decimal notation. Since this solution is the only possible solution then one can claim a singular solution must Exist. It's this definition of Existence that must be applied to our Reality. You might notice that the above solution has a beginning (3) and a sequence of following 3's out to infinity. This sequence has order and a beginning. It is a Mathematical Existence. It requires nothing else to exist being a Mathematical Truth. If you could be said to exist in this simple reality as one of the 3's in the sequence then there was a beginning and no apparent end. There was that which preceded your position and those that follow in the sequence.

I use the above example to demonstrate a simple concept and show what time actually is: Distance (placement) from a real beginning and sequence.

Obviously, Our Reality is far more complex, but is none the less.. equally a manifestation of Mathematics.

I don't believe our reality is based on numerical Math, even when such is excellent within its predictive powers. Specifically, I accept our Reality is a Boolean Existence in the form of a Cellular Automaton, with such Cells being at the Planck Scale.

The whole view is that: "We Exist inside the Solution of a Boolean Question."

Or specifically: "We Exist on the Growing 3D Surface of a 4D Boolean Geometry." The previous information logic structures allow changing Geometry that's propagated to each new 3D surface giving us a feeling that Time is flowing. Basically.. Time doesn't Exist... but is rather Propagated Surface Growth. Matter and Energy are informational Geometries in the Quantum Planck Cell Framework.

Or.. if the Universe stopped Expanding.. Time (for us) would literally stop.

Anyway.. Above right top of this post is my picture and you can see "Blogs" just below that. Click on View Blogs.. if you want to read more in greater depth. I keep a list of posts on some topics in my blog here to expedite answering questions.

It's interesting how many will object to defining a solid object, such as the door behind you, as somehow being more than mere interactive information. That door exists in much the same way as the door blocking your path in a video Game.

Existence is maintained within a Mathematical Boolean Construct.. both in our Reality and the Game.. even though logic processing is very different between both.. they are related cousins.

A Mathematical Informational Existence requires nothing else to Exist but a form of Truth.

Thus, even though we may believe we take up space, volume and dimensions etc.. the Absolute Nothing Void still exists unaltered. Packing it with trillions of Universes doesn't change it, as each Universe takes up no more "so-called" real space than the problem of 10/3.

Best wishes,
Dave :^)
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