Balanced Pairs in Network Cables

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Balanced Pairs in Network Cables

Postby mrbrpm11 on March 25th, 2015, 2:23 am 

Hello Free Thinkers, we are making a Cat5E submersible cable. The term Balanced Pair is mentioned in my research and I want to understand it better. I realize Cat5E has electrical characteristics such as impedance, capacitance and inductance. Each pair has a different lay length to minimize crosstalk. When twisting the pairs, its important to have equal tension on both wires as they twist. The desire is if the wires were untwisted, they would be the exact same length in 100 meters. I could call this physically balanced. My question: Is there a tolerance on the physical length between the two wires in each pair? If so is there a term for it. As usual, any insight would be appreciated.


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