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The films of Terrence Malick

PostPosted: September 21st, 2012, 5:53 am
by AmbivalentOne
Terrence Malick was a Heidegger scholar who did the (only?) English translation of “The essence of reasons”. His latest film, The Tree of Life (with Brad Pitt & Sean Penn), won the Palm d’Or at Cannes. I can’t get through 10 minutes of The Tree of Life without tears welling up in my eyes. It discloses the human condition in all its richness.

Malick turned away from a promising career as an academic philosopher to become a film maker. This is precisely in keeping with Heidegger’s ‘turning’, whereby philosophy was to become art and poetry. Malick refuses to comment on the relation between his two careers, but the influence of Heidegger is present in every single shot of his films. In particular, the unrelenting force of nature pervades Malick’s films, constantly upstaging the human participants. The people in Malick’s films are thrown into a world. Those that are open to the world flourish, those that resist their world are swallowed up by it...

Re: The films of Terrence Malick

PostPosted: September 21st, 2012, 7:20 am
by BadgerJelly
Glad to see someone didn't waste their talent trying to convince others and instead decided to make a practical difference through following the art of being human.

Funny just doing a little research on Kierkegaard. Seems he feels the same way I and some others do. Seek pleasure, do what you want and the pleasure will spread. The aesthetic life is something humanity needs bravery to achieve. Sadly the world appears to be full of idiots or cowards!

I'll certainly be watching this film and looking into existentialism more than I have already.