Book: John Sutherland - Can Jane Eyre Be Happy?

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Book: John Sutherland - Can Jane Eyre Be Happy?

Postby Lomax on April 9th, 2017, 1:48 pm 

Today I finished reading this collection of literary analyses by Sutherland, which mostly consists of his picking apart seeming inconsistencies, mysteries and absurdities in the plots of classic novels, and then (in most cases) attempting to offer the best solution he can. Examples include an inquiry as to how there could be the "single footprint" in Robinson Crusoe, to whom it belongs, and why Defoe included it; whether Jane Eyre can possibly live happily ever after given that she is married to a bigot, a deceiver and a possible murderer or manslaughterer; and why there are multiple conflicting accounts of how Amelia got her piano, which characters repeatedly experience amnesia over, in Vanity Fair. Left me asking two questions (which John Sutherland himself doesn't really address in these pages) - how much do minor discrepancies matter, and (if they matter much) is it our responsibility, or the author's, to fill in the knowledge gap?
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