Try to contemplate absolute nothingness?

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Re: Try to contemplate absolute nothingness?

Postby lpdev on December 12th, 2018, 11:11 am 

It looks to me that what you are contemplating is the result that ensues when you interpret the empty set/class/description.

Dimensions, multiverses, space, time, energy are all sets where the elements are ordered by their attributes. If you remove any type of attribute, you get the humble set.

But when you say "nothing", "no thing", you already assume a potential of things, and potential can mean change or existence. So nothingness doesn't have change therefore not even rules of behavior and it's cardinality is per definition zero.

Now, you need something to be able to think about anything, by this i mean you need a description of some sort in order to start thinking about a concept (be it a structured set of neurons, ink on a paper or any other type of representation of information). This description is part of the observer, the thinking entity, you, and not part of the observed (or thought about), the nothingness, so we don't need to contemplate the idea of removing said set, as a "thing", from the nothingness, as it wasn't in it to begin with.

This at least is what i derive from computer sciences.

Re: Try to contemplate absolute nothingness?

Postby Don Juan on January 8th, 2019, 11:27 am 

Alan McDougall » June 21st, 2017, 3:58 am wrote:With nothing, I mean the non-existence of everything. No emptiness, no, vacuum, no quantum particles, no dimensions, no multiverse, zero energy, no living things, no earth, no milky way, no universe, no laws of nature, no space, no time, no heaven or hell just a total absence or none- the existence of everything.

Squeeze everything that exists in an infinite tiny singularity and then squeeze that final thing out of existence.

.. . ? ? ?

A mind-boggling, brain-, brain-numbing and brain- twisting overwhelming concept, terrifying, frightening, too awful to contemplate and impossible think about, without going insane and totally beyond the understanding of any human genius.

But nevertheless, give it a bash?

There is still one assumed existing there - the observer - you.

Ultimately, one can say, it cannot be known.
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