But it was HOTTER in the DUST BOWL!

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But it was HOTTER in the DUST BOWL!

Postby SiskosTheMan on February 22nd, 2017, 2:57 pm 

I read an interesting post on why some people may be climate science skeptics. Climate science skeptics will cite record temperatures in the dust bowl and stuff, right? Well, there is something to that, but those extremes hide gradual change. This guy analyzed data for his home state (Kentucky, home of the Famous Mitch McConnel) and found some interesting trends in the data there. High temperatures are declining slightly. Low temperatures are increasing more. But these trends don't tend to set records. So all the records stand. So, yes, the climate is changing, and yes, it was hotter in the dust bowl. It's not simple.

http://www.vofoundation.org/blog/swelte ... ic-floods/

"Sweltering Heat, Bitter Cold, Torrential Rain, Historic Floods: Why your friends, your family members, your co-workers, members of your church, your elected officials, and perhaps you yourself might be skeptical regarding Climate Change"

115-year graph of climate data for Kentucky:

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