The Earth is old and the ice ages happened.

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The Earth is old and the ice ages happened.

Postby hyksos on June 22nd, 2017, 3:51 pm 

The theory of the Ice Ages exhibits interdisciplinary support from bodies of evidence which corroborate across several sciences. A person who espouses a personal belief in the oldness of the earth, and that the last three glacials happened, is not a person suffering from gullibility or scientism. Instead, this person's belief is reinforced by a wealth of evidence which straddles several scientific disciplines.

Science is not only in possession of a heavily-validated evidence that glacials merely took place -- but it also boasts an exhaustive theory as to what causes the Ice Ages to take place, and why they do so in a cyclical manner over time.

One creationist talking point is that the tilt of the earth's rotation axis must be exactly at 23.437 degrees from upright, because if it were not, no plant life could subsist on the surface. (So goes the argument, the Earth must have been "fine tuned" for life.) It turns out that this angle of tilt is called the obliquity , and obliquity changes over time in a way understood. Over a cycle of ~ 41,000 years the obliquity of the earth changes from one extreme to another, despite the creationist's claim. This particular cycle of the changing obliquity is one of the various so-called Milankovitch Cycles that the Earth undergoes in its orbit around the sun. These cycles are part of a system of changes that the Earth goes through that are understood to be the causes of Ice Ages.


Other aspects of the Earth's travels around the sun also change. Another such cycle is the changing eccentricity of the earth's orbit, from nearly circular to ellipsoidal and back. Yet another cycle is the precession of the axis itself. These various slowly-changing aspects of the Earth's travels are not co-aligned with each other in time in a neat manner. Because of their disparities, there will be times in which the cycles constructively add to each other, and times in which they will "cancel out" each of their contributions.

During those epochs in which the Milankovitch Cycles constructively add to each other to make the earth colder, an Ice Age will occur, or a "glacial" happens. When the cycles cancel out, the Earth is warmer, and an "interglacial" happens.

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Re: The Earth is old and the ice ages happened.

Postby zetreque on June 23rd, 2017, 3:35 am 

It really is an amazing story of science. There are some good books out there that link all the pieces of the puzzle together by different scientists spending separate careers and all coming together in synchronization.
I've been recently logging the temperature of my house and observing how it heats and cools with the sun hitting it throughout the day. The sun is such an incredible source of energy. All the small fluctuations in obliquity, tilt and precession along with greenhouse gases comes together. Throw in thermal masses or heat capacities of ice, liquid, and landmass along with air and hydro circulation and you have a complex but logical system.
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