The Conception of "real" in science and general discourse

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The Conception of "real" in science and general discourse

Postby BadgerJelly on February 21st, 2018, 6:31 am 

A mouthful of a title, but not quite sure how else to put it! Also, maybe not "ideal" as a science topic, but I would like to get a scientific perspective (so behavioral, psychological and perhaps "cultural".)

The point of this is what I have raised previously about the growing need for public speakers in the sciences. What seems to me to be the most important blind-spot for the rational and scientific minded person is the unwillingness to reconcile the differences people have in the concept of "reality" and the "real."

I think more progress could be made if scientists came to theologians with an openness to amending and bridging the gap between differing concepts of "real".

As an example is someone believes this or that is "real" without empirical evidence we're not in a position to say they are misusing the term "real," because to them it has meaning. I have seen this happen numerous times and really think there is benefit if the more "rational" scientifically minded person assumed the other s persons view of "real" was being spoken with more emphasis of subjective experience and personal meaning - an emotional and purposeful representation of the world for everyday life.

Like those people who attend a football game and scream at the players on the pitch, or those who go to a movie, listen to music and become emotionally engaged. Here for the "religious" person I feel they mean precisely this kind of cosmological perspective that lies beyond any kind of precise empirical measurements.

So if we loosen up the concept of "real" as a means to actively create a more productive dialogue with those outside of scientific knowhow who view it as "robotic" or "immoral", could we not then bring them into the fold and help them grasp the ideas behind scientific data without the need to dictate what they should refer to as "real" or otherwise?
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