My Predictions made in 2004 (Not Prophesies/c)

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My Predictions made in 2004 (Not Prophesies/c)

Postby Alan McDougall on May 17th, 2017, 5:44 pm 

My Predictions done in 2004?

Not in any chronological order and the future is not fixed in stone but dynamic

Oil used as a weapon to control the world economy, oil price will rise to the astronomical level of $ the use of private vehicles will become the domain of the extremely rich, until viable hydrogen engines are perfected.

The above will have a serious affect on the stability of the world economy The use of solar or mirrors located in near earth orbit beam radiant energy

China will overtake the USA as the leading world superpower and India will become the third world superpower

The sham of Democracy in Egypt overthrown and fanatical rule takes place in other Arab countries and Arab kingdoms are overthrown, there is going to be murder of some high official in that land

Massive efforts made to develop alternate forms of energy, hydro, wind, hydrogen, nuclear fusion, solar etc met with some reasonable success

The information age takes control of the world and every person on earth added onto a colossal computer database Freedom of privacy is no longer true (Identity and information imbedded chip

The population of China will slow at a billion and half and India becomes the most populist country

Nearly everyone on earth at that time will have a Chinese or Indian neighbour or near neighbours These two nations alone shall consist of nearly two thirds of humanity then

Pollution of the oceans, rivers, and atmosphere will result in the death of millions especially in China and India Rape of and destruction of the earths finite resources shall continue uncontrolled deep into the century

A leader from Russia or China will to become a UN leader

Much of the rain forest, left, will begin to dry out, due to global warming, and massive previously unheard of rain forest fires burn all over the tropics

A scientific discovery to alter DNA and create a biological virus that will be used in the manufacture of computer chips Stem cell research brings healing to millions What was previously thought to be redundant strands of DNA are found to be of vital important to the understanding of the code of life

Moral degeneration and depravity shall increase, with massive increase in child pornography People of high moral values, in horror separating further and further from this evil

Families units splitting up rampant divorce statistics and governments are breaking apart Single parenting becomes more common than ever

The computer information revolution will accelerate beyond imagination and development of the quantum computer shall enable man- kind to unravel much more of the mysteries of existence

New radical exclusive religions will arise like locusts

Wars will continue to spread from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia and China due to the unrelenting rise in radical Islam Peace will not come to the Israel Palestinian crises

The major threats to global peace will come from China and the nation of Islam, which will be preparing for global war’s

The US government might collapse because a staggering national debt will cause it to fail to meet its financial obligations

Insurance and banking institutions collapse due to the knock-on affect of natural disasters all over the world

Much of the world thrown into political, economic, and social chaos

Radical Islam continues to rise causing a resonating reaction radical Christianity and subsequent terrorist activities all over the globe

A major back and forth shifts of the earth's magnetic poles will result glorious northern and southern lights and devastating and drastic changes the world weather patterns

America will lose much of its ability to defend itself, leaving the country more vulnerable The wars with terrorism will not get better but escalating under the uncontrollable impossible unconventional terrorism

The political stage of earth will drastically change because of turmoil, wars plagues, famine, starvation and death becomes an awful reality to countless millions

A female President will be elected in the USA An African American President might is also be elected as a leader of America

U SA government will be financially strained due to the unrelenting war against radical Islam

A volcano will explode which will result in the cooling of the earth temperature degrees Celsius, for over two years

People will kill over food and water deadly famine and plagues will ravage much of Africa and Asia Wars will for the first time be specifically over drinking water

Home entertainment with wall-to-wall-painted on TV screens, mind- machine interaction a reality Virtual reality will become the obsession of millions Holographic home TV Reality Kids escape into this virtual world and lose touch with nature

Discontent, the meaning of life lost, will be on the increase and people will turn more and more to anti-depressants and tranquilizers consumed to help people cope with escalating plague of depression and other mental illnesses

There will be a -year period from to +++ where knowledge will be greatly accelerated on earth due to the information age The internet will grow to the extent, beyond the wildest dreams of those reading these predictions

Great earth changes will occur: earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, great winds The earth will rage with agony She is our beloved mother and we are hurting her badly

Islands in the oceans of the earth shall sink beneath the waters or be will be inundated the rising ocean

There will be days of darkness due to natural earth disasters from smog and smoke from volcanoes that will block the sun

Humanity will continue a mindless orgy of consumption that if not controlled in time could lead to the end of humanity

There will be tremendous economic and moral upheavals in the world because of humanity's general ignorance of true reality of crime, corruption and decadence that rule the earth

Humanities attempt to meddle with the fundamental laws of the universe, and because of this, many will be hurt

The cancers of arrogance, materialism, racism, chauvinism, and separatist thinking are consuming humanity will darken the human mind Nevertheless, there will in response, be a huge uprising of moral absolutes in an endeavour to obey Gods holy commandments

Much of humanity will too late turn to providence (God and die in ignorant depravity

Countless millions will abandon moral absolutes but many will more and more read and try to obey Gods Ten Commandments

Terrifying advances in the fields of genetics, science, robotics, man/machine physics, medicine and astronomy and most important the information computer revolution Humanity is too immature to control this awful knowledge

Cloning of human beings will become a reality and will result in awful mutations Stem cell research will advance bring relief to spinal cord damage victims, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, and other genetic and non-genetic diseases

The cancers of arrogance, materialism, racism, chauvinism, and separatist thinking will consume much of humanity, but not all who will turn more and more to the Divine for answers

Much of humanity will become much more hedonistic, and, in the end, will turn to providence (God) Children will become adults too soon and lose their innocence

The world will become one interconnected small infinitesimal village of information There will be discussions a host of nations to establish a united nations of earth with a one world parliament and leader
People from different nations, different religions, with different weapons, will continue to war and kill each other, which will result in millions dying

The depraved become more depraved and the righteous more righteous

Cure for aids using an enemy virus of the aids virus to attack it in the human immune cell and a method made for the body to recognize the anti-virus/ virus to make anti-bodies and destroy it in the process

Millions Will die of a new viral plague, before an anti-viral drug similar to the anti-biotic penicillin is developed Similar to the Spanish flu of the ’s

Volcanoes erupt somewhere

There will be earthquakes in diverse places, causing unimaginable havoc China Huhehot?

There will come a time when natural disasters will happen all at once It will come at the same time of humanity's greatest sin blasphemy They will say God is dead

Marvellous advances in medical science will be made New understanding of fundamental laws of nature shall be uncovered

A huge earthquake of magnitude causing the death of millions Near China or India

Thousands of people will migrate from areas of frequent disasters to places of safety

Space missions will be carried out several nations America, China, Russia, Japan, India, France etc Space colony established on the moon

Eruptions on the sun will interfere with the earth - more than it ever has Communications channels disastrously blocked out for long periods

A large mass from space (asteroid will pass very close to the earth and cause a minor alteration in its inclination to the sun A very near miss indeed!

The oceans will rise, as a result of global warming caused the melting of the polar ice caps

There will be an accident on the space station

A new very bright comet shall blaze in the night sky

Robotics will release much of man from manual labour and pleasure will be the addiction of much of the future

The eternal war between the forces of darkness and the light on the earth grow so intense that if humans do not continually seek the light God, all will be lost This is an eternal universal law fought throughout the universe

Great new earth leader will arise promising the coming of paradise to all that follow him; he is, however not good, He is evil! He will rule for ten years

Disturbances in weather patterns and food supplies get worse and worse, the earth will begin to rage in despair

There is going to be a collapse of the world economic system, worse that that of the great depression

Nuclear war averted, somehow

Dramatic climate changes, droughts, critical world food shortages and famine, get more and more severe the day, mother earth will rage with deep anger Deadly starvation is the norm most of the worlds poorest peoples

the next ten thousand years, humanity will have evolved enough to migrate and populate the universe CA (the very far future

Technological advances beyond the imagination of anyone living in will become a reality CA

There are going to be such serious food shortages around the world due to droughts in many places This will push the price of food up so high that poor people will starve and turn to chaotic terrible rampant violence crime and plunder in order to feed themselves The streets will be chaotic with mad plunderers

Freak storms and undersea earthquakes that will cause tidal waves or flooding to happen because of unnaturally heavy rainfalls and flash floods, the weather will become insane

Advancements in the treatment of all types of cancers will be made and the average life span of humanity increased to a years CA

The large gap in the quality of life between the rich and the poor shall get larger and larger

Desert in Africa, Asia, Australia and elsewhere will advance both southwards and eastwards consuming much precious arable land Soul erosion shall become a critical problem

More and more people will seek a meaning in life, and turn to new age, spiritual and the esoteric for answers

The gulf steam will alter its course and plunge Europe into a new ice age The earth will get hotter, hotter in some places, colder, and colder in other places

People will rush too and forth and information and knowledge shall increase vastly ( As prophesized Daniel This is happening now e.g. internet, vehicle traffic, air travel etc

The collapse of the world economic system is possible in the next fifty years, but not absolute and can still be avoided

Minor wars will continue to rage and the UN appears helpless to prevent them

A signal from outer space from a remote part of our galaxy will be recorded on a radio telescope, causing much excitement and speculation

The religious will be come more religious and the non-religious less religious

The second coming of Christ will be a major topic

Telepathic contact with alien civilization from another galaxy will be established and we will find out that in our galaxy we are the only advanced life form

A great Being will take control with an iron fist and usher in a thousand year peace on earth and then the end of the age will come He is the Divine essence of good He will, restricting humanities free-will eliminate the bad and the evil from the earth

He will prevent nuclear holocaust

There will be almost no technology in the very far future Psychic mind control shall be used all People will return to natural things

Children and family to be the most precious commodity in the world

Raising children is will be the highest priority The population shall stabilize at ten billion

A euphoric future with no anxiety, no hatred, no competition, enormous trust and mutual respect, will be ushered in sometime in the very far future

Love and prayer will become a strongest force on earth

People will garden more in the future with almost no effort

Gardens will grow the power of prayer

Groups of people praying together will be able to bring to reality nearly anything they desire

Animals will live in harmony with people will be able to with them and communicate telepathically and with one another It will, to the astonishment of people that higher plant life like trees has awareness and intelligence

Wisdom will be more important than knowledge

knowledge accessed through the universal cosmic mind

People will be able to communicate telepathically with everyone else in the world; therefore, there will be no longer any loneliness or mental illnesses This new community will simply not tolerate evil, as they will pollute the megamind of humanity

there will be greater insight into life after death People will live for a thousand years and then decide to move on into the next dimension of life, or migrate in mortal bodies into the physical universe

the earth will revert to its original glory and be like the Garden of Eden

God will usher this paradise on earth possibly within the next years

People will no longer slaughter animals for food and all animals shall be returned to the wild

this world will resemble some near-death descriptions of heaven or the original Eden of Adam

Travel will be instantaneous thought alone (teleportation, anywhere in the universe

the need for clothing and shelter will be eliminated ( thinking one will create it instantly

Love of all shall flow like a great river of living water:

Where available

the earths finite oil reserves will be depleted

Travel air shall be restricted to a few and rich people will revert to ships of the sea to travel Humanity will eventually find a means of teleportation to travel throughout the universe

Hydrogen power will come to the rescue of the above and the remaining oil reserves will be used for lubrication only

Direct Mind to machine communication will be a reality and people will only have to think to operate their equipment

Solar mirrors will be placed in space to capture the suns energy, which will be transmitted to earth via energy beams

Wind energy will be harvested on a vast scale

Computer generated virtual reality will be the most dangerous addition of young people and spread like a plague throughout the world

People will be forced to wear an identity chip to interact with the universal computer network

Permanent space station established on the moon

Manned expedition to Mars , water found but no life found

Means of communicating telepathically found

Criminals planted with programmed death chip

Television, computers, radio, internet, movies, telephone etc, all combined into one devise at home

Entertainment moguls concentrate on humanities search for happiness, meaning and knowledge

Just thinking& using the above devise one will instantly and very cheaply have access to anything they desire, such as knowledge off the internet, latest movie, music ,news, etc ad infinitum

Colossal telescope will be placed in orbit and reveal unimaginable new facts about the mysteries of the universe

the secrets of DNA molecule will be cracked and a host of previously incurable diseases cured

a great supernova explosion shall occur in our galaxy that will outshine everything in the sky except the sun and will be visible in daylight

we will be visited an advanced civilization from another remote galaxy

the ability to teleport will be learned and be the means of travelling throughout the universe

the end of the age will come, whatever that is, the year

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