Moved - "Ralf's Problem"

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Moved - "Ralf's Problem"

Postby ralfcis on January 20th, 2018, 1:21 pm 

Wow this sounds more like wrestlemania or a Trump tweet than a physics discussion. I also didn't know how to read at one time but I evolved through being corrected. In fact I've been wrong at every point during my evolution which has allowed me to get to this point. Faradave did correct me twice but "beaten by JMP's charts"? They're the same charts, at least the ones you let me present were. The rest are the same, I've just added a little flourish to the basics but still arrive at the same answers. At the beginning of all this you touted my adeptness at Minkowski STD's, now you'll probably deny that as well.

I've already answered the question you pointed out (at x=0, v can be any value for there to be no relativity of simultaneity (unfortunately v is also 0 when x is 0)). I'd like to for once see one of your specific answers to a specific question instead of a blanket statement that it's all wrong.
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Re: "Final Solution" to "Ralf's Problem"

Postby BurtJordaan on January 21st, 2018, 1:12 am 

ralfcis » 20 Jan 2018, 19:21 wrote:Faradave did correct me twice but "beaten by JMP's charts"? They're the same charts, at least the ones you let me present were.

It simply means that JMP has beaten you on the draw. While you were still pondering what it is that I have asked, he produced the Minkowski charts as per my original request with no extra input. I have recently seen that he also tried to explain the 'propertime differences accumulate over the whole scenario' principle on one of your private theory threads.

My advice to you is: stop trying to impost your own interpretations onto other, properly qualified members. And carefully read what they write. This is one of the few forums that still has a section for private theories with very loose rules. And at least a number of qualified scientists actively participating as a service to the community. Do not drive them away...
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