Space and Entanglement

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Space and Entanglement

Postby Brent696 on October 16th, 2018, 11:55 pm 

In reading about Entanglement lately, I have been considering the Space which is said to divide such particles. People debate the flow of information or no information, or the speed of such information, all of which is dependent upon the "Space" that lies between such particles.

I think about relating my thoughts to "Space" as I have recently to the illusionary aspects of Time, our intuitive sense being distorted. But "Space" is a different animal, specifically a different kind of dimension than Time is, even though they are related. I might posit that Time lends the universe continuance or length, but Space gives the universe breadth or body. Yet is the idea of Space also somewhat illusionary in its own particular way.

We have heard it said the universe is more like a hologram, a hologram presents us with a breadth of Space, but this Space is more a projection, at the light source of the hologram, such a source might not contain anything of Space.

Perhaps a Prism is a better analogy, a single laser enters the prism, but the visible spectrum or dispersal becomes broader, the purple distant from the red, but there is a point of origin or diffraction where one might find the one reality as opposed to the broader effect. Such a diffraction divides wavelengths but this has to do with light. Space, possessing different qualities as per its dimension, would in the process of producing the hologram, diffract differently.

What I am getting at, is that the point of origin might be the actual reality, and the entangled pairs we perceive, and the Space between, part of the illusion of the hologram. Essentially, there is no true space between the pairs, such "Space" is merely the intuitive sense we experience as observers.

In another sense, the illusion of Space is created by the division of such particles.

Flatland can provide another analogy, 3d geometry can separate two points, but when flattened to 2d such space might not truly exist.

(I offer such thoughts not to sealion, perhaps this post might be better in personal theories, though I cannot claim this is some real theory I am offering, so you won't find a strenuous debate from me, I am simply exploring the nature of space as a dimension. I will leave such to the moderators)
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