What is wrong with that post.

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What is wrong with that post.

Postby Athena on September 20th, 2016, 9:51 pm 

It might be my imagination that the post I copied and pasted here is a criticism of my post, but I did get defensive and when the subject of thread becomes the merits of someone's post and then the defense of the post, the thread is for sure derailed. To avoid derailing threads, and to learn from each other about what to do and not do, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread for criticising each other and defending ourselves. I copied and pasted the post that lead to me having this idea.

Athena: You are meandering a bit, and asking multiple questions, within a developmental topic so vast that one thread can't begin to address it. Do you think you can narrow this down to a specific thesis, and present that for discussion? I think you may get more participation, that way.

Also, when you post in the Science forae, you are addressing a literate and educated group who will be more receptive to scientific papers and ongoing research than to what appears to be a self-help inspirational video (in the OP). I'm a stickler about this kind of thing, because I see too many threads founder when they set sail like this one.

Now I will provide a defense. I understand professional scientists have a formal language and formal procedure for exchanging ideas. I would not have joined the forum if I thought that formality were a requirement for participating in the forum. But the name of the forum is Science and Philosophical Chat and the word "chat" does mean being informal. I have done my best to meet a higher scientific standard, but I think hell will freeze over before my post meant a high scientific standard, because I am a domestic female, not a trained scientist. And that said, I think females have always had an important contribution to make in man's efforts to create a better world. I ask you to find merit in my post and to respond to what is right about my post, so my reply to you will be closer to the standard you want to maintain, and not a defense against criticism.
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